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6 Tools That Every Girl Should have If She Wants to Marry

6 Tools That Every Girl Should have If She Wants to Marry

What Really Happens When You Move In With Your Boyfriend or Girl

Today I will discuss some tools that are extremely necessary after marriage, I think you can say here are 6 Tools that Every Girl Should have if she wants to marry. I am not talking about tools like gun, knife, sword, etc. I want to speak about the skill and way of living that and some good habits that should know if you want to marry, if you are married already then don’t worry and disappointed you can still learn these tips and secrets and to make yourself dominated and lead a successful life. I think when you got married and then your practical life start.

 Sometimes you are thinking you are struggling very hard, but there is no any appreciation for you and you become disappointed. No, you don’t have to become frustrated infect your struggle, love, sacrifice and compromise are collecting in a money box, when it will fill then break and all your sacrifice, struggle, help, care and understanding give you result in the form of love, money, care. So work and fight and wait when your money box blasts.

Learn how to become a good mother, good wife and good daughter in law. Let we discuss these essential tools. First of all, you have to be ready for marriage and choose the right person to spend your life. And when you want your right life partner then you can compromise and sacrifice quickly and if you are not merry then cannot do efforts or sacrifice and your relationship end.

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Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence

  • You should do some job, when you are on the job you can learn the ups and down of your life properly, you will know the difficulties of your life. You meet many types of people on the job, and you will learn how to deal other people.
  • You should have smiling face all the time, if you have some bad experience or any other bad things keep them away and smile all the time.
  • Everyone has emotional and feeling and these emotions and feeling connect us with other people. We have bad and good feelings bad emotions mean jealousy and negative thinking; we should have the ability to control your negative emotions.
  • If we talk about emotion intelligence, then it was introduced in 1970, and the people who have too much emotional intelligence, are successful in their life and live happily with their family members. Tolerance and bear are the main points of emotional intelligence. Hare I want to tell you an example.
  • A scientist makes a group of some children and puts some colorful candies like red, blue, yellow for them to eat. A Scientist asks them to eat red candy after one minute, and then after 10 minutes and then after half an hour.
  • Some children take candy after a waiting.
  • Some take candy without waiting.
  • And some children take all the candies.
  • Some children wait for some time and then they cannot wait more
  • After that, they examine the whole life of those children, and they get the result that the children have tolerance they are more successful in their life and those children who have not tolerance are hopeless and are working on lower task mean they are not so successful as compared to those children who have tolerance.

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Good communication skill

Good Communication Skill

Good communication skills mean you have the ability to talk with other in a polite way. For example, if sometimes you listen to a voice, and feel bad and very negative impression leave on you but sometimes you listen to a voice that is so soft and polite, you feel calm and great impression leave on you. Scientist says that word has only seven percent importance for good communication skill, and other 97 % are your body language, your talking way, voice tone, etc.

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Personal grooming

Giving the basic idea of the items used for general grooming of a girl

  • Personal care mean you have to know that how to care yourself like
  • You do manicure and pedicure regularly after 15 days.
  • You make the habit of taking bath daily, brushing your teeth and clean your hands and feet properly on the regular basis.

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Lotion for skin shine

½ cup white vinegar

½ cup rose water

Some Patel of Mary’s gold

½ cup Ethanol alcohol or citation lotion

1 tablespoon of glycerin

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  • Mix all the ingredients and apply on your whole body.
  • This lotion makes your skin shiny and beautiful.
  • For bad body smell
  • If you have bad body smell, then take some Myrtle leaves powder and mix in talcum powder.
  • Every day after a bath applies this talcum powder on your body.
  • After 15 days, you can get rid of bad smell.

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  • You have to know that who to carry your personality, how to choose to dress according to the occasion.
  • You have to be the expert that how you can do some light makeup.
  • You have to know can you make simple hairstyle and how to carry your hairs in a good way.

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Cooking Expert

Men and Women Cooking Experts

Well if we talk about cooking then you should learn many types of dishes infect you have to a cooking expert as you can make all kinds of dishes quickly. And you should know how to ménage and maintain your kitchen properly.

You know how to serve dinner, lunch, and breakfast properly.

Learn to Ménage Your Home

Cleaning Floor

  • You should learn to ménage your home properly.
  • Every corner and draw must be ménage well.
  • Learn to wash clothes, curtain and bed sheets.

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