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6 Secrets of Kids Who Rarely Get Sick

6 Secrets of Kids Who Rarely Get Sick

Children are the innocent human of the earth; mothers has to care really for them for their good health and body growth. Here are six secrets of kids who rarely get sick.

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Experts say, put these six habits of healthy kids to use to keep away from sickness this year. Let’s know about them.

Keep Hands Clean

Keep Hands CleanHand washing is crucial for good health. Make habitual your children wash hand when they leave school or before eating etc. This habit will prevent them from many kinds of diseases. Also taught them to rinse hands for at least 15 to 20 seconds to avoid illness.

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Be Active Every Day

Offer Unconditional Love To ChildStudies have proved that active children remain healthy and fit than lazy children. Exercise is first for keeping your kids very active because exercise makes fast the blood circulation and body growth that’s why body stamina increases and your child prevent from many kinds of diseases.

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Get Plenty of Zzzzs

Parents Painting Picture With Children At HomeSleep is imperative to kids health and mind growth because sleep deprivation becomes the reason of flu and any other diseases. Studies have proved that baby needs 14-hour sleep daily, and preschoolers need 11 or 13-hour sleep daily for their good health and mind growth.

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Avoid touching your face

Avoid touching your face

Cold and flu viruses usually enter in the body through hands so teach your child, so taught your child to keep away hands from face to avoid many kinds of disease. Teach them that don’t share toothbrush cup or straw with other children to avoid disease.

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Eat Balanced and Healthy Diet

Girl Eating FoodHealthy foods like fruits and vegetables help for a good health and your baby growth.So give them healthy fruits and vegetables which are loaded with vitamin C as oranges and strawberries. And also, give them vitamin D foods like tuna, fortified milk.Eating yogurt with cultures also helps to defend a lot of diseases.

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Get the Flu Vaccine

Get the Flu Vaccine

The center of disease control and prevention (CDC) says the easy way to prevent the flu is to get the flu vaccine; it will stop your kid from the flu. He will remain healthy and fit.

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