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6 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

6 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

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Everyone beyond the story of the gender wants to looks smart and stylish. They struggle to the last extent to make themselves intelligent and perfect for tight costumes and in all this, they sometimes make mistakes if do not consult a doctor or any expert before applying anything on themselves. Like, in the name of diet, they starve which severely affect their body. Here, I have mentioned few of the reasons because of which you do not lose weight, probably gain.

If you are one of those who are struggling hard still are not losing weight, follow us below. Let we discuss 6 reasons you’re not losing weight.

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1- Get Your Dream Body

You have got a perfect, flawless meal plan while you exercise five times a week for at least an hour. Still, you are stuck with the same weight. To have a beautiful figure is all we need to have! This should not be the goal, but a healthy body should be. I have few points in this article to let you know that even after such a struggle, why you are not losing weight. Read more!

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2- Not Drinking Enough Water

Not Losing Weight

The benefits of the water intake are countless, it makes your skin glow, help your organs to function properly and allow your body to lose weight. The process of burning calories hugely requires enough water to be already present in your system. Try to drink water before you start a meal as you will feel full by eating less. It will help your system to work efficiently, and you will feel energetic. Drink six to eight glasses of water throughout the day even if you do not get thirsty.

Note: Remember, when you do not get thirsty, it means the water level in your body is less than required. You get thirsty only when you have enough water in your body to give you response.

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3- You Have Reached An Exercise Plateau

Not Losing Weight

Why you are not losing pounds, even you apply each day for an hour? Well, exercise is a physical activity done to lose weight and generally to look and feel good. The human body has a habit of getting attached to its environment with the passage of time. Similarly, when we keep on repeating same steps whenever we exercise, our body get adapted to it and ultimately we do not lose calories but get stuck on the same or gain in case. You need to challenge your body with new steps by working on the same muscles but with a different exercise and increase reps.

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4- Do Not Reading Labels

Not Losing Weight

This is very common! We go to the market and buy eatables for ourselves without actually seeing the ingredients and the nutritional level they are going to bless us with. Many eatables available in the market are the packaged foods that you buy and mindlessly eat in the name of health without knowing that you are doing the opposite. Make it your habit to read the nutritional information on the packaged food items before you buy them. Prefer to eat homemade or if necessary to buy from the market, make sure it should be perfect in providing you are the nutrition.

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5- Having Sleepless Days/Nights

Not Losing Weight


Sleepless days make you crave for fats and carbohydrates. You feel like desiring for food. Make sure you sleep at least for seven hours and additional thirty minutes more at night until you reach nine hours. To test whether you are fulfilling the need for yourself, note whether you hit snooze or wakes up before your alarm goes off.

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6- Eating Five/Six Meals a Day

Not Losing Weight

Have an average food each time you eat. I will suggest you to eat three times but a proper healthy meal that fulfills your need of proteins, fibers, and carbohydrates. Eating five to six meals a day but small will make you get confused, and you may end up by eating too much.

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