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6 Cool gadgets for effective workout

6 Cool gadgets for effective workout

6 Cool gadgets for effective work out

Once you start exercising and keep it going, you are bound to create a healthy habit of a lifetime. Most people who introduced themselves to the wonders of fitness say that physical activity did not only change their bodies and health for the better but their whole view of life. Still, some people might find it hard to break the chains of lazy everyday routine, but the technological advances have something engaging and motivating in-store for them. Here are some coolest gadgets for the effective workout.

1. HAPIfork


Forget about annoying calorie count and eat your meals pressure-free because HAPIfork will tell you when to stop. Not only that, but this unique gadget will notify you when you start speeding up your eating pace so that you can slow down, enjoy your food more and get full without quick overeating.

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2. Sensoria Smart Sock

Sensoria Smart Sock

Feel the privilege of living in the modern world by wearing smart socks! While washable and comfortable as any other pair of socks, this special pair will keep track of your ankle movements and tell you how well you do each activity and even provide you with advice on how to change your pace and positions for a more efficient workout and less joint pressure.

3. Umoro One

Umoro One

All gym goers, be those complete amateurs or fitness lovers, need a water bottle. Some people carry a separate bottle that contains their protein powder which is essential for healthy workout and replenishment of nutrients, but this can be troublesome since bottles take up a lot of space. Umoro One fixed this standard issue by providing a water bottle that releases the protein or any other mix into the water with a push of the button. So once you are done with hydrating yourself with regular water, you can switch to your energy drink in an instant.

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4. Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine

A great product for everyone who values fashionable look while they exercise, Misfit Shine is a waterproof bracelet, pendant or pocket accessory that will help you track the workout progress quickly and efficiently. With one tap you can check your progress on your iOS device while it also serves as an attractive and stylish watch.

5. Skywalker Hoverboard

Skywalker Hoverboard

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Self-balancing Scooter or hoverboard Segway the humanity’s way to get closer to the world of Back to the Future. The best thing about hoverboards is the fact that they are fun while they bring physical activity to another level even for people who did not use to exercise a lot. Self-balancing is not that easy, but you will push your body just to experience that excellent street ride while individuals who are already fitness enthusiast can make hovering the roads their next favorite sports discipline.

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6. KuaiWear Coaching Headphones

KuaiWear Coaching Headphones

These headphones are much more than means for listening to music while you exercise. These are actually portable fitness trainers that will make sure that you do your best, push the limits and stay on the right track while giving you support and motivation. This is a great innovation for anyone who finds it uncomfortable or too expensive to have a real personal trainer near all the time but still wants all the benefits. They are also waterproof up to three meters.

Sometimes it is easy to motivate yourself to get up and do some work on yourself but the real trouble starts when you have to continue and create a fitness routine. With gadgets of the modern world, troubles like these can be overcome in no time while you build your own willpower gradually and discover the enjoyment of working out.

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