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6 Anti-aging Yoga Poses to Keep You Young

6 Anti-aging Yoga Poses to Keep You Young

It is everyone’s wish to look very younger and attractive. Getting old is so awful, here are six anti-aging yoga poses to keep you young. These poses will change your look amazingly, and you will look very young, these Anti-aging Yoga Poses have magical effects on your body have tried these poses personally, and it affected magically. Let’s know about these Anti-aging yoga poses.

Staying young anti-aging yoga poses

These anti-aging yoga poses are very easy to make and have just magical effects on your whole body to look very young and smart. Knees can be joined or wider apart, and arms alongside the body as pictured or out in front. Focus on the breath is moving in and out of the body, and allow yourself very relax. Anti-aging yoga poses will effect amazingly to make and feel you very young.

1. Equal standing

Felstead says

“This pose will help you develop awareness of postural tendencies.”

It is one of the best Anti-aging Yoga Poses, stand bare feet on a yoga mat with feet parallel and jointly or hip-width apart, arms hanging at sides. Focus on the feet and how your body weight is distributed. Without lifting the soles of your feet off the floor, shift forward, backward and side to side to move your body weight until you bring it to center.
Put your all attention to your whole body and breathe deeply. It has fantastic effects.

2. Tree pose

Tree Pose Yoga

Felstead says

Tree pose is a simple balancing posture that will help you maintain your abilities.”

Tree pose has surprising effects. Standing straight with feet hip span apart, raising the arms high above your head and reaching up to the sky. This posture makes an antenna of your hands and draws in extraterrestrial power. Marshall describes precisely, you should feel the power and energy movement through your hands and your upper body, at last becoming thrilled with the energy of the whole word, this dynamic pose makes you completely energetic.

3. Squat

Felstead  says “Strong thigh muscles will help protect the knees from pain and injury.” 

This unusual pose will show your body amazingly young. Very energetic and efficient chair posture is an isometric clasp of a vertical pose. Jillian Guinta clearly describes, who is a personal yoga learner and psychiatrist and lifestyle coach. The heat creating by large muscle groups in the body is making this posture very useful in increasing your power and energy. As the blood movement to these whole muscle groups. Your pulse will improve and raise your endorphin levels. As a result, of you will feel very energetic and powerful.

4. Downward dog

Downward Dog Pose Yoga

This classic yoga posture is very active and healthy for appearing you young, and also, back pain reducing. This dynamic pose props up your spine and assists you to stand and to pick up things.

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Begin on your hands and knees, your hands should be in front of your shoulders. Press your back, lift your knees away from the floor and raise your tailbone up toward the ceiling, smoothly shove your heels toward the floor. Remain in this position for 5 to 10 breaths, and revise this posture for five to seven times.

5. Plank

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This pose works for your upper body and core strength, and it will make you appear very younger.

In the posture of Down Dog, lower onto your forearms and walk your feet out. Your body should be in one straight line with your shoulders straightly above your elbows. Take five breaths in Dolphin Plank pose.

6. Seated twist

Twists are one of the best anti-aging yoga poses that make back and Spine and very healthy and can relieve back muscles tight from too much sitting.

  • Sit in a relaxed cross-legged position with spine upright. If you are feeling uncomfortable, try placing a folded blanket, pillow or yoga block or bolster beneath your hips.
    • Breathe in and sit up as directly as probable. Breathe out, twist softly to the right, starting the movement from the base of the spine and letting it flow upward. As you stir, put the left hand on the right knee and the right hand at the back you for balance. Move the head last and only as far as it can quickly go without strain.
    • In every inhaling, lengthen the spine – you will probably move slightly out of the twist. In every exhaling, softly turn deeper.
    • Return to center on an inhale, and then repeat on the left, making certain to switch the crossing of your legs first.

I hope you must have enjoyed reading it. Share these anti-aging yoga poses with your friends and family members. Remember to leave your feedback in the comment box below.

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