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5 Ways to Improve Your Blog Writing

5 Ways to Improve Your Blog Writing

Well, I am also a blog writer, but I don’t think that I am a good writer at all I made many mistakes in my written. Yesterday I had to listen to many negative points from my leader. I feel appalling because I don’t want any negative comment in my article than thought should improve my written as it is good for my future and my career I should also learn new thing through my written and also guide other writers.Here I am going to tell you five ways to improve your blog writing. These tips are very helpful for every blog writer.

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Here are top tips for making sure your blog posts are tip top

 1. Read, read, read; write, write, write

7 Brilliant Apps to Help you Write BetterIf you want to know about your sentence structure whether it is correct or incorrect, just read, spelling, grammar, and word meanings broadly as you can. And then practice again and again of writing. Writing amazing blog posts just want written methods, just like anything else. If you look back to some of my first posts on this blog, you will see that there has been perfection since!

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2. Break up long sentences

When you write an article, observe your complete article sentences that how long your sentences are. If you have one sentence that goes on and on for many lines, write shorter lines to improve your written skills and beauty of article. If you have many commas in one sentence, see if you can break that one up too. Shorter sentences are very easy to read and follow, and reader like your short sentences and your written improves.

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3. Use better verbs

7 Brilliant Apps to Help you Write BetterBetter verbs are imperative for good written and attractive full article. It’s very easy to say “I went to the bazaar” but how much better is it, to say “I ambled to the bazaar” or even “I sauntered to the shop.” Read your complete article and use better verbs because a verb just changes the whole meaning of sentence reader cannot understand what you are saying if you use wrong verbs so always use better correct verbs.

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See Also

4. Say no to adverbs!

Do you know what an adverb is? It’s a word that is utilized to modify a verb. For instance, instead of walking to the school, you walk rapidly to the school. Many people think an adverb can add emphasis to a sentence, but does it? Stephen King hates adverbs; he argues that if you’re excellent at writing, the text instantly before and after the place you would put the adverb should render it useless. This goes back to Point Three: if you make use of a better verb than “walk” in the first place, you don’t need an adverb. So instead of walking to the school or walking rapidly to the shop, you rush to the store. See?

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5. Remove -ing

You should make less use of “-ing” words from a sentence than you can make it flow better for every reader and your post will very flow. For example, instead of “as I was drinking my juice” you say “as I drank my milk.” You can observe how the second version sounds better?

10 Apps to Help You Organize your LifeConclusion

I think hopefully these tips will help you for writing the interesting article as these tips help me a lot. Remember to leave your feedback in the comment box below.

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