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5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Vacuum Cleaner

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Vacuum Cleaner

Perfect Vacuum Cleaner

Do you need a new vacuum cleaner but aren’t sure where to start? While choicely is great for consumers, the huge quantity of vacuums on the market can make picking the right one difficult. In this article, I’ll take you through five simple tips for making your next vacuum purchase faster and less stressful.

1. Decide on the Right Type of Vacuum

Right Type of Vacuum

Arguably the most important decision is which type of vacuum best suits your requirements. Here’s a quick run-down of the most common types and their advantages:

  • Upright –Upright vacuums are ideal for efficiently cleaning large areas of the floor. They are usually loud and awkward on stairs but tend to have a large dust container and secure suction.
  • Cylinder – If you need a vacuum that’s smaller and easier to move around than an upright, a cylinder could be a good option. While the average cylinder is likely to be less powerful than an upright, there are still many models with strong suction available.
  • Cordless – Cordless vacuums are growing in popularity, as they don’t need to be plugged into a power supply while in use. This makes them convenient, although running on battery power reduces suction and requires regular recharging.
  • Handheld – If you need a vacuum for quick cleanup jobs, then a handheld might be enough. They are small, lightweight and relatively cheap, and are perfect for reaching awkward areas. Don’t expect them to handle stubborn dirt or pet hair, though.
  • Other types – There are a variety of other types of vacuum available, including robotic, wet & dry and steam cleaners/vacuum combinations. There are some excellent models available in these categories, but they usually only need to be considered if you have specific relevant requirements.

As you can see, there is no such thing as the best type of vacuum cleaner. The right type of your home depends on your requirements.

2. Pick a Sensible Budget

Pick a Sensible Budget

Once you’ve chosen the type of vacuum you want, the next step is to decide upon a budget. Vacuums range in price from $50 through too many hundreds, but you shouldn’t assume that the most expensive are always the best.

As a general rule, upright vacuums are the most expensive followed by the cylinder and cordless models. Handheld vacuums are the cheapest, due to their small size and less powerful motors. Your budget should reflect the type of vacuum you want to buy.

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3. Consider Allergies

Women Holding her Nose

If you, or anyone in your family, suffer from dust allergies, it’s vital to choose a vacuum cleaner with an excellent filtration system. The job of a filter is to remove microscopic dust particles from the air within the vacuum before it is released. This stops dust being blown around your home.

The best filters are HEPA filters, which can remove over 99% of microscopic particles. I recommend anyone with an allergy gets a vacuum with a HEPA filter for this reason. It’s also important to regularly clean your filter to maximize its effectiveness.

4. List Your Essential Accessories

Essential Accessories to clean through Vacuum

It’s a good idea to take a quick inventory of difficult places to clean in your home. Do you have lots of nooks and small cracks that require a crevice tool? Or does your dog molt on the sofa, meaning a turbo pet upholstery tool would be useful?

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Each vacuum comes with a different set of accessories, so it’s important to know which are essential for your home – and which you can do without. The most common accessories are upholstery brushes and crevice tools, but powered tools – especially for pet hair – are also common.

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5. Don’t Forget Weight

Don’t Forget Weight of Vacuum

An often overlooked aspect of a vacuum is its weight. While a hefty engine is great when it comes to suction power, the added weight can make it difficult to maneuver around the home and awkward to carry up and down stairs.

I class any vacuum weighing less than 5kg as a lightweight vacuum, although models are weighing considerably less than this. The heaviest vacuums can weigh up to 10kg, which is far too heavy to carry comfortably around the home for most people.


Choosing a vacuum cleaner doesn’t need to be stressful. By following the steps in this post, you’ll quickly narrow down your options to a more manageable quantity. If you have any questions about choosing a vacuum, let me know in the comments, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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