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5 Stylish Ways to Pull Off a Jumpsuit

5 Stylish Ways to Pull Off a Jumpsuit

Gone are the days when jumpsuits were tightly associated with working men, farmers, and sportspersons. In the last couple of years, the trend has rapidly spread across the globe and among stylish women looking for some fresh and hip garment choices. Not only are jumpsuits amazingly comfortable and very fashionable, but these one-piece garments can also quickly solve the everlasting problem of having nothing to wear. Just choose your favorite jumpsuit style, slip on a pair of elegant shoes, top it off with some flashy accessories and you’re ready to go. The best way to pull off a jumpsuit. If you’re still not sure how to pull off this hot and chic fashion trend, perhaps these five ideas will help get your imaginative juices flowing:

1. Stick To One Colour

Stick To One Colour

For those who don’t have much experience with wearing jumpsuits, it’s probably best to start with a one color scheme. Choosing one solid color will define your figure, lengthen your body and emphasize your whole composition. If you like to experiment, you can try a gentle pattern or a subtle color transition. Whatever you do, try not to overdo it by choosing flashy colors or dominant patterns, as it might look distasteful and kitsch.

2. Layer Up

Layer Up Jumpsuit

If you thought that jumpsuits could only be worn during those light summer months, you’ve never been so wrong. The art of layering has become one of the integral parts of dressing in a jumpsuit as there are millions of ways to top off this trendy garment. Keep yourself warm by throwing on a long cardigan, or even a fashionable cape, or opt for an edgier look by choosing denim or the always-popular leather jacket. You can always layer the jumpsuit by wearing a turtleneck underneath or add a professional vibe to your outfit by putting on a fitted blazer.

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3. Don’t Forget To Accessorize

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One of the best things about embracing the jumpsuit trend is the fact that this garment is almost self-sufficient, meaning it doesn’t require much accessorizing. Of course, if you wish to glam it up a bit, you can always add a statement necklace or choose to define your waist by adding a wide statement belt. A crossbody bag is also perfect for adding a little visual interest to your look. A faux fur scarf is made for those chilly winter evenings, while a quality handbag is a definite must-have. You can also cinch your waist with a belt, so this styling trick can help define your figure. Make sure not to go overboard with accessories, though, especially if you’re wearing bright colors or bold patterns on your jumpsuit.

4. Choose Your Shoes

Black and brown shoes

Choosing the appropriate shoes to accompany your outfit can be a bit tricky, but once you get acquainted with some ground rules, it will become much easier. Jumpsuits make wonderful outfits for formal events and as such, enjoy quite a bit the presence of some glamorous high heels. The only thing to keep in mind is whether the jumpsuit is wide or straight legged. Wide legged and Capri jumpsuits are best combined with ankle boots, while jumpsuits with straight trouser legs can look amazing with sandals or pumps. If you’re willing to try out a more casual look, a jumpsuit and a pair of sneakers is always a good choice for an everyday outfit.

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5. Show Some Skin

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The best thing about jumpsuits is that not only do they make great outfits for casual settings and easy garments to dress up for more classy gatherings, but these one-piece items are also an excellent choice for late nights on the town, or when you wish to express your sex appeal. Just rely on the power of a deep plunging neckline or some of the flirtatious playsuits instead. Peek-a-boo sheer panels are also a great way to show skin without giving it all away. Always keep in mind not to wear anything too tight or too loose.

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Relaxed, fashionable, trendy, functional – what more could you want from a clothing item? Whether you’re looking for an everyday garment you can wear to the store or the local park, a classy thing for a formal event or something to slip on when you have nothing to wear, the solution comes in the form of the ultra-popular jumpsuit.

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