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5 Interior Design Ideas to Increase the Sale Value of Your House

5 Interior Design Ideas to Increase the Sale Value of Your House

Selling a home can be very stressful. Besides all the official paperwork that must be done, finding an agent, and advertising open houses, it has to be clean always. Professional pictures need to be taken. And your home needs to feel inviting. It needs to look its best. People will only be interested in buying your home if the value is worth it. But, you don’t have to break the bank to increase the sale value on your home. You can use some simple interior design tricks to do that for you.

1. Organized Garage

Organized Garage

Garages are hardly used to parking cars anymore. Typically, they are a dusty, musty mess of a storage unit. However, if you take the time to organize your garage, it will attract more people and look like you can fit a car or two in. Put a tool bench in, and hold all the tools. Put boxes on shelves, or even make hanging shelves. Sweep out the garage. Show that it is a good use of storage, but is organized, open, and large.

2. Use of Rugs

Area Rugs - Fashion

Rugs can make or break a room. Whether the flooring is carpeted or not, decorative rugs are a modern embellishment to a room. However, the size of the rug and the placement of the rug makes all the difference in the atmosphere of a place. You don’t want a floating carpet; try for an oversized rug that runs under the furniture. This way, it connects all the pieces of your room together. The same goes for a bedroom: you want a rug that is larger than the bed and will show on three sides of your bed.

You can also make a rug look new, expensive, chic, and unique. Try an overdyed rug—this is a rug that has undergone a gentle dying process in which the original color is removed, and a single vibrant color is added. It helps to save antique or fading carpets and make them look new!

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3. Natural Light and Color

Different styles of lighting

Natural lights in important to our whole well-being. Not only does it make the room look brighter, but it psychologically makes a person more hopeful. Take off heavy curtains and replace them with sheer decorative curtains. Get rid of fluorescent light fixtures or bulbs in your house and replace them with natural light bulbs that mimic light from outside.

Paint your house natural colors: white, light gray, light tan, and so on. This will allow more natural light to bounce off the walls and let other pieces in the room be the center of attention rather than a garish yellow or red wall. It will also give you more flexibility to the color scheme and decorating aesthetic of your house, and your potential buyers will appreciate that.

4. Open Up the Room

Everybody has sense, like their bedroom is good-looking. It must be a situation you feel contented, secure, and enthused. These bedrooms venture this emotion to one more height with original rudiments from artwork to plan features to light furniture. All one is exclusive and attractive.

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You may not be able to break down walls or create more space in the chamber, but you can create the illusion of more space. Rather than buying bulky bookshelves, build bookshelves into the walls. This opens more space in the middle of the room and increases the value of your home. Rearrange the furniture in each room to maximize the space potential. Hang your curtain rod a few inches above the top of your window, and extend it out to surround the window, rather than hide it. This will make the window look larger and allow more light in. Buy large decorative mirrors to not only increase the light but also to reflect back the room—this will also open up space.

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5. Simple Upgrades

paint a mural

Make simple upgrades to your home: repaint your kitchen cupboards, change out your cabinet or drawer handles for newer ones, change out the faucets in your bathroom and kitchen. The small upgraded details will all help increase the sale value of your home.


When you take the time to make your house appealing to buyers, the odds of it selling quickly improve drastically. Just be careful that your staging efforts don’t get you change your mind about listing it.

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