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5 Decorating Mistakes Which Make Your Bedroom Look Smaller

5 Decorating Mistakes Which Make Your Bedroom Look Smaller

Nobody likes a messy room! Not only it gives a congested appearance but also a messed up room can give your entire home a very shabby look. Home décor experts strongly recommend modifying your room often so that you can clean it up from under the furniture more efficiently. It’s advisable to avoid decorating your room to the point that you can’t even move in it or can’t even breathe properly.

Since your bedroom is a place where you will be spending most of your leisure time; it has to be a place that would ooze out a good amount of coziness and comfort. However, you got to avoid these 5 decorating mistakes so that your chamber may not give a suffocated look.

1. Overstuffing


Well too much is too much no matter how sweet it sounds. Using too much of anything be it furniture, table lamps, book shelves and even bedroom accessories can make your chamber look all messed up.

Therefore, make sure that you avoid putting unnecessary items in your room and let it look more spacious as now the home décor trends have shifted more towards the formula of less is more.

2. Too Many Colors

Too Many Colors

The use of too many colors is always a bad idea whether you are decorating a room or decorating a home. If you are thinking about painting your room; make sure that you choose lighter shades first.

However, if you are into contrasting colors; then the mixing of light and dark shades is a good option but it should be balanced well with the other accessories in your bedroom at the same time.

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3. Haphazard Wall Arrangements

Haphazard Wall Arrangements

One should always have family portraits and abstract wall hangings in the bedroom. But if they are hanged on the wall in a disorderly fashion; this would give your bedroom a much messed up outlook which will be not be appreciated aesthetically.

So, here’s the suggestion! Dedicate a wall in your chamber to hang the artwork and family portraits and arrange them as per their sizes. This will look absolutely gorgeous.

4. Too Many Furniture

Too Many Furniture

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Another big No is to place huge furniture items against the wall and stuffing your bedroom with giant bed, side tables, and sofa sets. Over the recent years; the trend of putting less furniture in the master chamber is very much encouraged as it gives your room the ample space it deserves.

You can opt for bedroom interiors including a sized up the bed with side table and a study table with inbuilt book rack and a rocking chair to complete the chamber furniture.

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5. Bedroom Accessories

Bedroom Accessories

Plan your beddings as per the season and the trends that are in fashion. We often tend to ignore this important factor and end up buying old-fashioned bed sheets, comforters, and blankets or pillow sets.

Just make sure that you choose the color patterns in contrast. It is also recommended to buy complete sets of bedding rather than buying them as different items as this would give your beddings a more organized look.

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