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5 Cheap & Cheerful Hen Party at Home Ideas

5 Cheap & Cheerful Hen Party at Home Ideas

Love is in the air, there is a wedding on the horizon and everyone is getting excited. But before the big day, there is the all-important hen party to organise! When thinking of ideas for hen party activities, having an activity at home doesn’t always spring to mind.

Weddings can be an expensive time of year and sometimes there can be more than one or two a year. Is it an age thing?! Think of the outfits, getting to the wedding, will you need to stay over, what about the present? The hen party, although great fun, is yet another expense to consider. Hence why having the celebrations at home may be just the answer to cutting back on expenses.

Hen party celebrations at home can be just as much, if not more, fun than a night out on the tiles. There are loads of ideas to consider and with a bit of thinking outside the box, a very fun and memorable time can be had.

Here are some ideas that spring to mind when thinking about having a hen party at home:

1. Girly SleepOver

Girly SleepOver

Having the girls over for the night can be just like the olden days, well maybe adding some prosecco might make it that bit different. Break out the nail polishes, the old school music, and some goodies, soon you will be reliving your youth and reminiscing the good old days. If possible try getting your hands on some photos from school, nothing better than cringing at the fashion styles of days gone by.

2. Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea has become a very popular event over the last year or so. But why not cut down on the cost and make your own. Make some fancy sandwiches, bake some cakes (or maybe visit the local bakery) and keep the prosecco flowing. If you really want to go all out you can pick up some fancy afternoon tea props in the €2 Shop including cake stands, vintage napkins, and dainty teacups.

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3. The Naked Chef

The Naked Chef

This is a fantastic way to incorporate a night in with the spiciness of a hot Italian chef cooking up a storm for the bride-to-be and her hens. Hen Party Latino provides many hen activities including coming to your own home and teaching you traditional Italian ways of cooking.  While sipping on fine Italian wine, with a chef wearing nothing but a little mini apron it is a fantastic way to relax and enjoy an evening of good food and good company. After the cookery lesson and the food is served it’s game time! The chef will play some naughty games and if the hens are brave enough….. the apron may come off completely!

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4. Cocktail and Karaoke Night

Cocktail and Karaoke Night

Invest in a good cocktail making the book, or just download some recipes from the Internet. Get each hen to bring a bottle of alcohol and juice and hey presto you have the ingredients for a cocktail making night. Keep an eye on those measures, though; you want to still be awake for some Karaoke fun later on. Ask around, somebody is bound to have a karaoke machine hidden in the wardrobe with some old time classics that will have you dancing around thinking you are the next Beyonce or Whitney. Word of advice – maybe inform the neighbors of your plans beforehand, just in case the music gets a little too loud.

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5. Wedding Games

Wedding Games

There are many bridal games that will keep you and the hens occupied for hours with many giggles. Load up on toilet paper, break into groups and choose a bride from each group. The team that can design the best toilet paper wedding dress on the chosen brides win. There are many other silly games such as “memories with the bride” – everyone writes down a memory they have with the bride and the bride has to guess who it was. The Mr. and Mrs. Quiz, maybe even pre-record the groom-to-be answering some questions about the bride so you can play it on the evening. With a bit of imagination, you can have hours of fun with different games. Whatever you do, make sure you lavish the attention on the bride-to-be and have loads of fun.

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