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5 Cheap and Fun Toddler Activities

5 Cheap and Fun Toddler Activities

Cheap and Fun Toddler Activities

Hy dear cute moms here are five cheap and fun toddler activities, which are just amazing for your toddler for learning abilities and much more. Children are the great blessing for every mother. You love your kids very much; they are the very innocent creature of earth. Children learn a lot just through playing, so here I will tell you about great activities, let’s know about them.

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Hop a freight

It is one of my favorite activities. Toddlers love to travel, particularly if it’s a departure from the same-old-same-old car seat. Check out your local airport or hospital – many have free transport or tram that you can ride as frequently as your little one’s heart wishes. If you don’t travel by bus, check your local bus system and take a turn around town, enjoying things from a thrilling new vantage point.

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Play dough

Pizza Dough Pieces

It is very creative activity for your kid and for developing her intelligence. Take pizza dough and let your child play with it and make things what she likes. The dough should not very sticky and not very runny; it has just right constancy for little fingers. Take it from your local grocery store or pizza parlor or mix up your own. A rolling pin is the icing on the cake for this activity (or, shall we say, the cheese on the pie). You can also bake a pizza with the rest of the dough while your child plays with his portion. Or else, just freeze or refrigerate the rest for future playtime.

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Fancy wrappings

It is the very exciting activity for your kid. If you’ve ever watched a toddler opening a gift, you know that she probably ignores what’s in it and focus all her concentration on the box, covering paper, and ribbon. If you can’t beat them, join them! Wrap up something small, such as a beautiful postcard or a toy you already own. Make certain to use lots of ribbon and paper (Sunday comics work best). Present it to her with a flourish.

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It’s a plane!


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It is also the just enjoyable activity for your kid which I like. Take notice of your area airport to see whether it has a watching tower or a room with huge windows where your sweet child can observe planes take off and land to enjoying. Bring along some lunch and take pleasure from the show.

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Baker’s man

Father and Children in Kitchen

As your toddler is not capable of using an electric mixer or flour sifter, so bake tasty cookies and allow him to decorate it with nuts, etc. You’ll perhaps end up with many clear cookies and also with some heavily decorated cookies. Don’t forget to take a photograph! It is just wonderful activity.

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