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5 Celebrity look-alikes That Deserve a Double Take

5 Celebrity look-alikes That Deserve a Double Take

This post is on 5 celebrities look-alikes that deserve a double take. A lot of people have the just same face; it’s a natural thing that they look like same, their face features resembles a lot with each other, and it’s entertaining. Here are five celebrity look-alikes that deserve a double take. This article is very entertaining for you, and they are your most lovable personalities. Let’s know about them.

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Carrie Underwood and Emily Osment

These real blondes ladies look amazingly same. Both are born on 10th March. Their birth years are different, but their zodiac sign is same as they are pieces sisters.They look so beautiful and cute and of course, they are our most lovable celebrities. Their smiles are also same.

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Dan Price and Sam Trammell

The Seattle CEO Dan Price has received too much praise nowadays for increasing his workers income from $35,000 to $70,000 while he takes $1 million pay cut. And the excellent actor Dan and Sam look same. Not only do they have the same stubble jaw but also similar personality looks that look very attractive and gorgeous, Dan is a very nice man and he behaves excellent with his workers and keeps them contented always.

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Tammi Terrell and Taraji

Our most lovely celebrities Tammi Terrell and Taraji are just amazing actresses, and they have surprising similarities, they look so cute and same. They equally have a heart-shaped face. They both are great singers and can sing. They look beautiful and attractive always.

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Donald Sterling and Mickey Rourke

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Donald T. Sterling is excellent and well experienced American entrepreneurs and very talented lawyer. Mickey Rourke, is an American performer, writer, and retired boxer. These two great celebrities look amazingly same, their shape of face and personality resembles, there is very less difference in their face shapes.

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Kofi Annan and Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is an American performer film director and narrator. Kofi Atta Annan is a Ghanaian diplomat both look amazingly same by their personality and face shape they are great stars of America.

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