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5 Best Yoga Exercises For Saggy Breasts

5 Best Yoga Exercises For Saggy Breasts

Yoga Exercises For Saggy Breasts

Many women have the problem of saggy breasts or slackening of the muscles in that body part. It happens because of many reasons as pregnancy, delivery of the child, weight gaining and hormone problem. It looks atrocious your whole body loses it charm and attractiveness, but here I will tell you about very active yoga poses to tight your breast. These yoga poses are just beautiful and very surprising effect in tightening your breast. Here are five best yoga exercises for saggy breasts. Let’s know about these amazing poses. It provides secure and safe results, without any side effects. It also tightens the muscles and helps in getting improved beautiful shape.


Tree Pose Yoga

This unusual posture is also recognized as the tree post and the most famous yoga pose, this is a very effective pose to tighten slack and lose muscles by providing a beautiful stretch to your muscles. Just stand in a straight pose and then grasp both hands and unite them jointly in the Namaskar posture. Next raise your left leg and put it on the inside thigh of the right so that the weight of the whole body rest on the right leg. Drag hands upwards and keep on breathing. Hold for at least 30 seconds and then do again –



It is also very effective for tightening your breast muscles also recognized as the cobra pose; this is an amazing yoga pose that stretches the back along with working on the abs and the breast muscles. Lie downward on your belly with your hands close to the upper body. Then left the body from the stomach, while straightening the hands. Slope your head backwards as you feel the stretch in the abs, back, and the breast muscles. Hold and do again at least 3-4 times.

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5 Best Yoga Exercises For Saggy Breasts

This one more fantastic and very useful yoga pose that works on the muscles of the upper body and helps to tighten it. Just like the above pose you have to lie on the abdomen and keep the hands next to the breast. With elbows bent. Then lift up the body from the abdomen as you also raise the hands, keeping them near to the upper body. Breath and hold for about 20-30 seconds. Do again.

Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose Yoga

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This pose is very efficient and unusual in strengthening the muscles of the chest and making them tighter. Stand with the feet extensive apart. Lift both hands sideways and make bigger at the shoulder level. Then crook forward and grasp the left ankle with the right hand, so that the body looks to be in the form of a triangle. Hold for a while and then do again with the other leg.

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4 Moves for a Tighter Tummy

This effective yoga pose is a part of the sun salutation asanas. Just lie on the abdomen and then raise the body on both hands. Keep in your mind that the weight of the body should be balanced between the hands and the toes. Your body should be in a straight shape, with spine not bent. The back legs should be extended out with the weight on the toes. Because of these active yoga poses and a bit of cardio, your muscles of the breasts will get an attractive shape in no time that you wish to be.

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