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5 Best Quran Apps in the Market

5 Best Quran Apps in the Market

Technology has revolutionized the world. It’s high time to adopt this boom to meet our religious needs. In this highly busy world, one thing that we can’t live without is our mobile phone. What can be better than using this tool for learning the Holy Quran? This way you can learn the Quran anywhere and anytime you want. All you need to do is download the Quran apps on your mobile phone. However, with countless apps available, choosing the right one can be a tedious task.

We compared many apps based on their ease of use and the features offered. We have shortlisted the following five apps that are ahead of others in our opinion.

1. Quran Companion

Quran Companion

Quran companion by Quran Academy makes it to the top of our list because this is the only app which incorporates the fun element, making the whole Quran memorisation process enjoyable and highly efficient. Because of its easier and accessible interface, anyone can make Quran memorization a part of their life. You can create a flexible learning environment to achieve your memorization goals faster. It provides you a personalized guided lesson plan to assign you tasks on a daily basis. You can keep track of your progress through points collected in Hasanah Calculator.

Some of its features include 15 audio recitations and translations in 10 different languages. You can also put the audio recitation on a loop to practice your memorization. It lets you connect to more people learning Quran like you and take up group challenges. It gives you a social platform to share your success, and motivate others. What more? You can play games to speed up the learning process!

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2. Quran for Android

Quran for Android

It is an uncomplicated, free Quran app for Android devices. Anyone can contribute to improving this app as it is an open source project. Hence, it is constantly being upgraded with better features.

The main features consist of a gapless audio playback with recitations from over 15 reciters. You can easily search, bookmark and share Ayahs. You can read Tafsir in more than 20 languages. Furthermore, it has a night mode and customizable audio repeat

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3. Bayan Quran

Bayan Quran

This is the most comprehensive, free app for learning the Quran. The user interface is beautifully designed by some of the best Quran artists in the world. While it can be used by anyone who can read Quran, it is especially beneficial for those who are learning the Arabic language and are trying to understand the Quran. The default view of the app is just like a regular book with many sophisticated features.

With the help of this app, you can recite and memorize the Quran, access the translation and root word definition of any word in several languages. Its unique feature is the access to segmented verses, i.e. syllables, one word, two words, and full verse. You can stream or download gapless recitations from many reciters. You can manage your library by adding several Islamic books from the bookstore.

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4. Quran Majeed

Quran Majeed

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This app does reading and listening to the Holy Quran incredibly relaxing as you get the complete Quran in the elegant Uthmanic script and Indo-Pak Script. It gives three View modes for exploring the Quran, i.e. Ayah Mode, Surah Mode, and Parah Mode. It consists of multiple audio recitations along with advanced options for controlling the repetition of Ayah or Surah, some repetitions, interval, and recitation speed to help with memorization. You can bookmark and highlight Ayahs. It has four different English translations and also translated into forty-five languages. An Arabic Tafsir is also available.

Other special features include accurate Prayer Timings worldwide. It comprises of a Qibla Compass. You can set Ramadan time notifications to help you in Ramadan.

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5. Quran Explorer

Quran Explorer

This app is quite similar to the previous one. You can easily read the whole Quran on your mobile in the beautiful Uthmanic script font. You can listen to the recitation by famous Qari Sheikh Mishari Rashid. English translation by Mufti Taqi Usmani is also included. It also has features like bookmarking and highlighting Ayahs.

The paid version contains more features such as several translations, many reciters, English and Urdu translation audio, unlimited bookmarks, background audio, and bulk download, etc.

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