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4 Ways you are Secretly Sabotaging Your Skin Care Routine

4 Ways you are Secretly Sabotaging Your Skin Care Routine

The word sabotage means damage here I will tell you four ways you are secretly sabotaging your skin care routine. Beautiful skin is everyone desire to make it charming avoid these bad habits. Let’s know about them.

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Exfoliating Too Much

So this is how you wash your face

Exfoliating your skin is excellent. You can over exfoliate your skin leaving your face rare, red, and aggravated. Although exfoliation is an essential and required skin care step it is very simple to do but over exfoliating it by using products that are too high and using exfoliation products too regularly.  When you care for your skin in this way you devastate the skin’s defensive abilities, and it is dangerous for your skin. So don’t over exfoliate your skin.

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Copying Your Friends

Chatting with Friends in Rainy Weather

Your best friend told you about the new cleanser she got, so you went and bought it instantly, it’s a wrong move. “Do not just use what your best friend likes,” Zeichner warns. “Choose the right cleanser for you.” particularly if you have dry, sensitive skin, you should very care full.

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If you utilize an anti-aging serum once and wake up with gleaming skin, you may take that as a sign to use the serum as much as probable. However, Zeichner says that daily use of topical retinoids or glycolic acid may excessively irritate the skin—which might explain why your skin has been so sensitive lately. “Use only a pea-sized amount, and hold off a day or two if your skin becomes red, burning, peeling, or stinging,” he says. Always start using less and slowly increasing, rather than the other way around (trust).

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Moisturizing Too Much

Acne Face Mask

Moisture is no doubt vital for aging and dry skin.—but It doesn’t mean you should go overboard with piling on the moisturizing, either. In fact, Zeichner says over-moisturizing can, in fact, is harmful to your skin. “Normally the skin adjusts itself based on the environment and to fluctuations in hydration,” he says. “If you always have a protective, hydrating barrier over your skin, it can make your skin lazy, as it won’t have to adjust.” So use limited moisture and stick with applying the right moisturizer for your skin type just two times daily—morning and night—and don’t forget to give your skin a break every once in a while.

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Using the Wrong Products

5 Bad Skin Care Habits to Break Immediately

I know a user who was using all faulty products for her skin, and after analyzing her home skin care habit. I consider why her skin wasn’t appearing best, reason was that she was using wrong products for her skin, for example, if you have oily skin, and you further moisturize your skin it will make your skin extra oily. Moreover, if you have dry skin, and you are using the product for oily skin, it will make your skin extra dry and damage so be care full about choosing right products for your skin. If you’re puzzled about it, you should require professional help – have a discussion with an esthetician.

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Are you guilty of any of these skin abuses? Sound off below!

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