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4 Herbs to Help Boost Your Brain Power

4 Herbs to Help Boost Your Brain Power


The brain is the center of our body functions. Most of the body activities are being run from the brain. Therefore, the proper functioning of your body depends on the health of our brains. How you train and feed your brain is what determines its health state. The brain requires proper care and nourishment to be able to perform most of the activities. It can either be through food, medicines or brain exercises. The following are 4 Herbs to Help Boost Your Brain Power and improving brain health too.

1. Rosemary

Most people suffer from the inability to capture things faster and have accepted to live with the condition the way it is. Some believe that it is from the genes of their parents, and there is nothing they can do to change it. Rosemary is one of the natural substances that can help to improve your situation. It increases the speed of your brain and enhances the level of accuracy when doing anything that requires thinking. Cineol is the primary substance in this herb that makes all the positive results we are talking about reality. This substance is induced in the body through absorbing the scent of the herb. The stronger the scent, the more efficient it is in its primary function. It is at the University of Northumbria that this herb was proven to work through research that was done.

2. Brain Cells Manufacturer

I call it brain cells manufacturer because its primary function is to generate the brain cells buts its herbal name is Ginkgo Biloba. It also enhances the memory of an individual giving you the ability to remember things easily and faster. However, blood thinning medication patients should never rush to using the product since it could result in bleeding in the brain. Therefore, it is always suggested to discuss your doctor before using the herb. The effectiveness of the herb is not questionable because the product has been used to enhance the brain functions for more than two centuries. Another way of enhancing brain memory and cell generation is through brain exercise.

3. Turmeric food substance

This is a substance that is consumed by people from the Indian community as part of their meals. It is well known for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that play a significant role in enhancing the brain functionality. It reduces the chances of Alzheimer’ s disease evident by the experiment was done on rats who were fed with curcumin, the healing agent in turmeric. If you want to eat more turmeric, take it with paella and Spanish rice. Take turmeric as part of your meal just like Indians instead of taking in the closed thought that you are under medication. Include turmeric regularly in your meals to make your brain functionality better every day.

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4. Nerve Control Herb

Controlling the nervous system is one of the major functions of the brain. Without proper functioning of the nerves, you should expect difficulties in sensing body changes. Your response to things also becomes very slow. Wasabi is a herb that is great in improving the functionality of the nerves through allowing the growth of dendrites. This enhances effective communication between the body cells. It is a green substance often served with sushi and can also be obtained from broccoli. This substance is great when taken with fish, eggs, sausages or crab cakes. Wasabi can also be obtained over the counter in the form of powder. Therefore, if you do not have broccoli within reach consider the wasabi bought from the shops.


As mentioned earlier brain health is very critical for general body functions. It requires proper care through brain exercise and what you feed it. The major aspects the brain that calls for concentration is the neural control, memory and the speed at which the brain generates information. Accuracy is also another aspect of the brain that is essential for human success. It is through proper nourishment of the brain cells and brain training that all these can be achieved. The above herbs play a major role in achieving this.

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