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33 Differences Between a Woman Who Wears Red vs. Pink Lipstick

33 Differences Between a Woman Who Wears Red vs. Pink Lipstick

Valentine’s Day is just near, and apparently, you are finding something special to wear that hot night. And also, you’re going to want to stick with the topic of the holiday by wearing something red or pink. What if we were to tell you that your choice of color says a whole lot more about you than you ever thought possible. Here are 33 differences between a woman who wears red vs. pink lipstick.

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  1.  A woman who wears red get pleasure and enjoy from a Cabernet. A woman who wears pink get pleasure and enjoy from a Chardonnay.

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Giving the basic idea of the items used for general grooming of a girl2.   A woman who wears red takes very long hot bath. A woman who wears pink takes long, hot fizz shower.

3.   A woman who wears red named as “sweetheart.” A woman who wears pink is called sweet “baby.

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4.   A woman who wears red ingests her feelings. A woman who wears pink shows her way of thinking.

5. A woman who wears red pays attention to her nails. A woman who wears pink pays attention to her hair.

6. A woman who wears red is “hard to get.” A woman who wears pink is “out of your league.

7. A woman who wears red has deep 9.   A woman who wears red is an alpha female. A woman who wears pink is a king bee.
Yoga8. A woman who wears red will study about Fifty Shades of Grey. A woman who wears pink will watch Fifty Shades of Grey.

9. A woman who wears red actually like a beautiful lipstick color. A woman who wears pink enjoys and likes a lip gloss.

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10. A woman who wears red makes good plans for the future. A woman who wears pink just lives in the present.

11.  A woman who wears red likes lavender. A woman who wears pink likes vanilla.

12.  A woman who wears red wears stilettos. A woman who wears pink wears wedges.

Toe peep red shoes with high heels13 . A woman who wears red does boxing exercise. A woman who wears pink does yoga exercise.

14.   A woman who wears red likes and eats chocolates. A woman who wears pink loves flowers.

15.  A woman who wears red wants rainstorms. A woman who wears pink needs snowfall.

16. A woman who wears red likes slow dance. A woman who wears pink loves to swing dance.

17. A woman who wears red wants breakfast in her bed. A woman who wears pink wants dinner in her bed.

18. A woman who wears red wants to live alone. A woman who wears pink wants to be with people.

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Group19. A woman who wears red watches Law and Order. A woman who wears pink watches Grey’s Anatomy.

20. A woman who wears red wants to go to a resort. A woman who wears pink wants to go for camping.

21.  A woman who wears red is hard. Women who wear pink is mysterious

22. A woman who wears red posts her photos on Instagram. A woman who wears pink posts her pictures on Facebook.

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23. A woman who wears red is a cat person. A woman who wears pink is a dog person.

24. A woman who wears red doesn’t like the player. A woman who wears pink doesn’t like the game.

25. A woman who wears red bares her shoulders. A woman who wears pink bares her legs.

 26. A woman who wears red keeps a schemer. A woman who wears pink has an academic journal.

27.  A woman who wears red wants a telephone call. A woman who wears pink needs a text message.

28.  A woman who wears red makes snaps. A woman who wears pink makes videos.

29. A woman who wears red eats Crème Brulee. A woman who wears pink eats Tiramisu.

30. A woman who wears red wants appreciation. A woman who wears pink wants respect.

31. A woman who wears red wears lingerie. A woman who wears pink wears nighties.
Salt in Bathtub32. A woman who wears red wants to grasp hands. A woman who wears pink wants to kiss on the forehead.

33. A woman who wears red loves by her mind. A woman who wears pink loves by her heart.

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