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25 Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs

25 Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered what the secret to success is? Well, you’re not asking the right question, because there is no secret. Just hard work, vision, and intelligent organization.

Here is a list of 25 hacks consistently used by successful entrepreneurs. Get into the right habits and keep going forward, until you’re satisfied with your results. Just follow these Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs.

#1. Do Morning Exercises

Simple Exercises to Tighten Breasts

Working in an office is not the most pleasant thing when it comes to your body. You have to spend most of your time sitting, and the human species did not evolve to do that all day. To be able to perform all your daily tasks, you need to be in good health. And, morning exercises are the best way to get your blood flowing and your brain working. It also increases your metabolism and keeps you in shape.

#2. Start with the Most Unpleasant Task

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Not all tasks are something you want to do. We as people have the habit to postpone whatever we find unpleasant. Unfortunately, this can turn into a lifelong habit to procrastinate and ultimately reduce our productivity. So, whenever an unpleasant task arrives on your desk, start with that one first. Put it out of the way as fast as you can and go back to your regular workflow.

#3. Do a Pep Talk for Your Employees

Manager Making Budget with Employees

You’ll be surprised how much your employees need a pep talk to stay motivated and give their best. Make sure you praise their efforts and give at least one speech every three or four months, accenting exclusively on the positive sides of the work process.

Make sure everyone feels like a part of a big team and each unit is important. It can give a sense of security and purpose – and in office jobs, your employees need this the most.

#4. Remove Distractions

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You have a computer, so you have distractions. Social media, news sites, even Google can take you out of your work process and keep your attention to something random that went through your mind for a second.

There is a way to block all unnecessary websites on the web. But, if your job requires using them, you can install specific programs that remove distractions and keep you concentrated.

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#5. If a Simple Task Comes in Uninvited, Check it off First

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Just like with the point about the unpleasant tasks, you should do the same when something simple comes up. If you’re working on something that’s time-consuming and can stop the process and do something else, go for it. This way you won’t forget it and will save yourself the embarrassment to be held back at the end of the day because you forgot to do something simple.

#6. Have Enough Breaks

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Office work, despite sitting on a chair all day, is tiring. And brain burnout is a real thing. You need breaks that involve moving and fresh air. It’s advised to do a 15-minute break every two hours. Some say it should be every time, but you be the judge for your work flow.

#7 Use All the Technology You Need

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Not just computer software, but also phone apps can impact your productivity when used correctly. Organizers, calculators, calendars, apps that tell you when to get up for a break, or when to drink water (yes, people often forget to do these things), digital assistants – they can help your work process a great deal. And, best of all – most of them are free.

#8. Care for Your Health

4 Healthy Foods Men Should Eat Now

Doing morning exercises is a great thing to start your day with, but to get through your challenging job, you’ll have to keep your days charged with all the energy you need. You have to make sure you get enough sleep – it’s best to fall asleep between 22:00 and 0:00 in the evening. It is said, at that time, the brain gets the most rest.

Try to avoid fast food for lunch, despite it being the easiest option. You need good sustainable food that won’t make you sleepy after you get back to the office.

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#9. Tidy Up Your Email

Access Email Draft

Some people work a lot better in chaos. They’re called artists. You are not one of them. How do we know that? Leaders are organized. That’s the only way to stay sane. You might be able to work in chaos for a while, but in the long term, you’ll long for order. So, organize your inbox. You’ll surely be getting at least 20 emails per day, and you don’t need all of them. Delete whatever is done and try to keep a minimalistic view. You’ll find working a lot easier this way.

#10. Check up on Your Business Outside of Work

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We would always recommend people not to think about work outside of the office, as everyone needs to relax and have a life of their own. But, you’re the leader of this company, and you need to know what is happening at all time. You don’t have to check up on it every minute of every day but spend at least 20 minutes looking over everything that’s happening and make sure nothing is out of order. You’re only doing this, so there aren’t any bad surprises for you once you get back to the office.

#11. Be the Best Planner

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Strategic thinking is what made you a leader. So, planning is one of your best assets. Start every day with a daily schedule, every week with a weekly schedule and every month with a monthly schedule. Keep up with your plans and resolve other issues along the way, Once you see all your tasks ticked off, you can relax and be pleased with your good work.

#12. Anger Never Resolves Anything

Stress Affects Your Health

Along the way of the work process, there will always be things that don’t go according to plan. Or, maybe, everything goes according to plan, but you got so caught up in the tasks, you want to beat your time record. So you ask more from yourself and your employees, yet, in the end, it turns out it’s a very long shot. In these situations, a lot of people would get angry and look for someone to blame.

The truth is, even if there is someone to blame for any failure, a successful entrepreneur never looks for excuses to point fingers. The successful entrepreneur always seeks a way to resolve the problem. Anger is never rational, it exists only for a short while and whatever seems reasonable then, it does not when you’re back in your sober state.

Controlling anger is not easy, for many, it’s even impossible. If you wish to be more productive, find a way. Do meditation, breathing exercises, get you in private, until it resides. Be in control of yourself, and you will be in control of all the problems.

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#13. Prioritise

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In the avalanche of tasks, you will be showered with every day; you have to be able to separate the ones with high priority from the people with low priority. One of the main issues with this strategy is the fact that, in the office, most people don’t have the courage to say “no” to unnecessary tasks.

Would it be because by doing more, they might get a bonus, or praise; or the other end – because by not taking an additional task, there would be severe consequences. The thing is, when you explain how you have a more important job to do, you could schedule the additional one for a later time. It’s another thing directly linked to the proper organization, and you should be able to prioritize.

#14. Define the Purpose of Each Activity

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Every task is essential in itself, and to get them done fast, it’s best to understand the most important business you need to do. When your mind has a particular definition, it will work faster.

#15. Get the Timing Right

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Projects often require a lot of preparation, especially if they involve people from other departments that are physically away from yours. Meetings often tend to drag for too long, and in many cases, more time does not equal more resolved issues.

You need to set a time limit for each meeting and make sure everyone expresses their concerns openly, without beating around the bush. This way, you won’t waste time, and the issues will be resolved faster.

#16. Stop Compromising


Agreements are important when you work in a team. To get the project done, you need to make sure everyone is giving their best. Sometimes, to make sure they are, they need to feel important – that’s when a real compromise comes in.

However, in many cases, people like to take advantage of your good compromising nature and seek more and more benefits from this. A good leader knows when to draw the line and stop compromising.

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#17. Schedule Deadlines


The best cure for procrastinators is deadlines. Most people can kick their brain into full gear if they notice they need to have this task done ASAP. So, give yourself deadlines to be sure you are done on time.

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#18. Use Voice Mail

Business App

Some people work a lot better when their tasks are spoken to them, instead of written. This depends on the person, so if you are like that, you can always send your jobs to voice mail and hear them periodically.

#19. Combine Brain Work with Robot Work

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Tasks are different. Many of them require your creativity and keep your brain working. A lot of them also don’t need any brain power, as you just repeat the same thing over and over. Both can be exhausting, but it would be mind murder if you’re forced to do only one of them the whole time.

That’s why you should combine them. Do something creative, then do something robotic. Your brain can rest this way, and you’ll be done with your tasks.

#20 Use Sticky Notes to Keep Track of Your Tasks

Use Sticky Notes

Some people need to have their duties in front of them at all time, and sticky notes can be the easiest thing to do. Stick them to your computer monitor, your desk, your wall, your drawing board. If you work best with visual reminders, you can also attach photos.

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#21. Use a Reward System

How to become a successful Businessman

A reward system is not just a good way to motivate your workers, but also yourself. This is an especially good trick to use when you have many unpleasant tasks coming.

The human brain works well with rewards. For example, when you eat something sweet, the brain is happy with the sugar intake and releases endorphins that make you happy. Which is why the brain later craves sugar again.

If you train yourself, for example, eat chocolate every time you finish an unpleasant task, your brain will make you want to complete more tasks to gain this same reward. This is an exquisite exercise in self-control. It can make you not only a successful entrepreneur but also a patient, hard working person in general.

#22. Categorise Tasks


Just like with prioritization, where we separated the tasks to high priority and low priority, categorizing them in even deeper detail can be beneficial to your work process. Once you have your tasks with the right categorisation in front of you, you can systematize them in your head better and ultimately finish them faster.

#23. Work from Home Periodically

Be Stronge

In recent years, there are more and more people finding a lot of ease working from home. We’re not just talking about new moms, bloggers, and freelancers. The office environment gets dull for everyone. The room, the people, the furniture, even the pathway to the office and from the office can get on people’s nerves when they have to take it every day for a few years.

That’s why, giving yourself (and your workers) at least one day a week to work from home, can be beneficial for everyone. Not only would some double, or triple their productivity, but they’ll also do a lot more stuff at home and have more time for themselves since they won’t be wasting time to go to and from the office.

#24. Keep Desk Clean (desktop included)

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Just like with your email, the best way a leader can work is in a clean, organized environment. Your desk should be cleaned periodically, and all your office materials should be in a proper place, easy to find.

The same goes for your computer. In fear of losing a document you might need later, you tend never to delete anything. This, however, will only clutter your desktop and make it harder to find other things. If you don’t want to remove anything, organize your documents in folders and make it easy for yourself to find everything you need.

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#25. Get an Assistant

How to become a successful Businessman

On top of everything you do yourself, you will at one point realize that it’s better to have a helping hand. As clever and organized as you are, often two heads are better than one. Get an assistant and let them take care of the small tasks, so you can concentrate on the ones that need your particular expertise. With help on your side, work will be much easier.

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