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2016 Bridal Trends

2016 Bridal Trends

Wedding trends alter annually, and each season carries fabulous and memorable ensembles. The happiest day of your life must be perfect in every way, which means you must have a gorgeous wedding gown. However, you must pay attention to so many details on the dress, which makes the shopping more difficult. Fortunately, this little wedding guide is here to make your decision a lot easier. Everything from the dress to the shoes and accessories will be the most natural choice ever, and you’ll look both fantastic and trendy at the same time.

1. The Gown

The Gown

Runways mostly featured subtle tones of taupe, nude, and silver, so these have been an actual 2016 bridal trend. A sweetheart, tulle ball gown with a nude underlay is the number one combination of many designers. A strapless gown with cool tones of silver will be the favorite choice for many brides. Additionally, ombre skirts in combination with a copper threading and a soft gray wash are a great alternative to classic elegant white. Still, they are beautiful for every bride and make her look stunning as ever. Another splendid bridal trend has been a wedding dress with body veils and capes attached to the back. Veils over your face are so last season, which is why brides-to-be should fully embrace the new trend. Gowns that will take your breath away are certainly ones that feature dazzling embellished backs.

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Brides that don’t prefer many embellishments on a dress should go for a classic style, which can perfectly complement a bride. To achieve sophisticated silhouettes, choose bateau necklines, which look attractive as well. A subtle deep-V bodice will uncover the chest in a subtle and elegant way. One of the wedding dress trends that is becoming popular is a cropped top. Even though you’ve probably never thought you’d see a bride’s stomach revealed, it’s happening anyway. At first, it might seem unflattering, but it’s a great balanced combination of casual and chic that looks elegant, especially if incorporated with a lace dress.

2. The Shoes

The Shoes

Brides usually opt for wedding shoes in the exact color of the marriage gown. However, this doesn’t have to be the case every time. Check out fashionable wedding shoes and get ones in a shade that goes with the accessories. Furthermore, add some pearls, rhinestones, beads, and sequins to create a gorgeous ensemble. This will look particularly beautiful if a dress is not filled with embellishments.

Comfortable shoes will make the happiest day of your life completely stress-free. Avoid sore toes in the middle of your walk down the aisle, and invest in comfortable and supportive footwear. Heels are not always mandatory, so if you haven’t worn them often in the past, opt for ballerinas or wedges. Additionally, it’s important to consider the season your wedding is going to be held in. Open-toe satin, off-white slipper shoes are perfect for the summer months. Combine them with an open-back, off the shoulder satin gown and you’ll look dazzling. On the other hand, colder months require closed shoes. Therefore, plain raw silk closed shoes would be a perfect choice.

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3. Embellishments

Bridal Embellishments

Lavish pieces will unquestionably make a statement to your wedding attire. If you wish to accent your hairstyle, add fashionable hair jewelry, including rhinestone-and-pearl hair clips. Uncommon, playful accessories like little crystal tiaras or gilded crowns are a perfect alternative to dated tiaras. Those brides who won’t wear a veil should opt for some hair jewelry and add a just enough amount of elegance to the ultimate bridal look. Gorgeous and modern bouquets containing vibrantly colored blooms like dahlias, anemones and peonies are also a significant part of decorations you need to think about.

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The 2016 bridal trends have brought lovely cuts, lengths and colors of dresses we couldn’t be more astonished by. Therefore, it’s never easy to choose just one in the sea of gorgeous gowns for the big day. Fortunately, there’s something for everyone’s taste and even though it might take a while to choose a particular cut, material, and color, you’ll be able to find the perfect one. It’s always good to be creative and innovative and add some of your ideas to create a unique bridal look.

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