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20 Surprising Female Celebrity Smokers

20 Surprising Female Celebrity Smokers

20 Surprising Female Celebrity Smokers

We all have many kind of secrets which we do not told any one even some secrets are very dirty. No doubt, but when you are a famous celebrity  every body loves you and likes you  there is no such thing as secret, here I will tell you about those 20 Surprising Female Celebrity Smokers, who are very famous ,gorgeous, talented  and good looking, Oh …one thing more they are chain smokers. Ofcours it’s a dirty secret of those sexy celebrities. Some of them smoke because they are stressed some smoke due to fashion trend and some of them are social smoker and you will surprise that some celebrities also use nicotine.

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1. Cameron Diaz

female celebrity smokers

Cameron Diaz is one of top 10 gorgeous actresses.she smokes, her look is innocent but she is a chain smoker also. After smoking 20 cigarettes in a day, Cameron decided to stop, saying: “I gave up because my parents were stressed and disturb that I was smoking so much and I was setting a bad example. It preyed on my sense of right and wrong. I was into roll-your-own, and I was killing myself.”

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2 Mila Kunis

female celebrity smokers

Mila kunis is very gorgeous and hot actress. She is very hot and bold. Smoking nearly fits Mila Kunis’ determined, trouble-maker role which she plays .she looks very young in heavy smoking and it suits her bold and courageous personality.

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 3. Kate Hudson

female celebrity smokers

 Kate Hudson is very gorgeous, she is a smoker she smokes to relieve stress. She remains stressed because of her love. She tries to plan her marriage with 3-year-long fiance  Matthew Bellamy. She has been engaged to song star Matthew Bellamy for about three years, but she still want to set a marriage date.

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4. Katherine Heighl

female celebrity smokers

Katherine Heigl, very beautiful and gorgeous just shows that she smokes she is one of Hollywood’s more passionate smokers.  She isn’t really smoking. She is wheezing an electronic cigarette.

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5. Mary-Kate

female celebrity smokers

She is a  chain smokers. she is a great fashion designers. Yes, she  grew into the smokers you see. She likes smoking.

6. Rihanna

female celebrity smokers

Rihanna is very bold and sexy. She sows her sexy attitude in her pictures on Instagram, Twitter, magazine covers, albums and everything else. And it’s not a secret. She is a chain smoker and smoking really suits to her bold personality.

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7.  Adele

female celebrity smokers

Adele is a famous gorgeous singer and very sweet voice of today. She also smokes. She has been suffering from a thread of illnesses this year, has been forced to stop her nicotine habit and she’s not pleased about it and she don’t want to do this.

 8. Kate Bosworth

female celebrity smokers

Every one thinks about this girl that she is very innocent but it’s not true as she is a chain smoker. She is pretty and smart .Smoking has become a trend for these celebrities.

9. Kirsten Dunst

female celebrity smokers

Kirsten Dunst mostly plays innocent roles. She has an innocent beautiful look .Playing an innocent role majority people think that she is innocent but don’t be silly she is not innocent as she looks she is a smoker and enjoys her cigarette when she wants.

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10. Jessica Alba

female celebrity smokers

Jessica Alba is one of the top beautiful top actresses she is in every list as best bride, top actresses etc .Most people wouldn’t believe Alba is a smoker but she is also a human and she can smoke.

11. Kate Winslet

female celebrity smokers

She is very famous because of her move Titanic and also oscara winner. She is also a chain smoker. You’d think after Titanic she wouldn’t be as chancy with her life.

12. Keira Knightley

Naomi Campbell

We can think that keira‘s weight variations is just because of her smoking habit she is a chain smoker .she is very smart and gorgeous smoking suits her look.

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 13. Naomi Campbell

female celebrity smokers

Naomi is a chain smoker because of her dark complexion and bold personality smoking suits her she has discussed that she is a smoker.

 14. Katy Perry

female celebrity smokers

Very bold and charming perry is also a smoker if she isn’t cautious, her voice will sound much more like a “Rooaar” in a few years.

15.  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

female celebrity smokers

Rosie can not hide her smoking habit at all .she is a chain smoker. We are really surprised on seeing her smoking.

16. Catherine Zeta-Jones

female celebrity smokers

She is addict of cigarette, after her husband’s fight with throat cancer. Catherine Zeta-Jones is still smoking. Talk about this habit.

17. Kate Moss

female celebrity smokers

This model is disreputable for smoking whenever she gets the chance. She enjoys cigarette and smokes.

18. Lana Delray

female celebrity smokers

This great singer considers smoking to be one of her fault pleasures. She doesn’t secrete it at all – in fact, she continuously smokes during her performance on stage.

19. Jennifer Aniston

female celebrity smokers

She is one of the top sexy actresses and Yes, Aniston is a smoker also. She has surprised us that she also smokes.she also uses marijuana and she says I don’t think it’s wrong.

 20. Elisabeth Moss

female celebrity smokers

Moss enjoys her cigarette when she wants. She is a chain smoker and smoking suits her personality.she really loves smoking  cigarettes.

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