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20 Online Jobs for College Students That Help to Earn Extra Money from Home

20 Online Jobs for College Students That Help to Earn Extra Money from Home

Online Jobs for College Students

Working along with study is a good way to offset the high-level education in the high coast of school. But I see it is tough to find a decent-paying job that you can balance with your classes or study. Instead, you look into the hundreds of ways to make money online; you want to see this list. For regular paycheck and work from home, check these 15 online jobs for college students that are best and helpful to earn extra money.

Some online work from home jobs prospects are tricks, there genuine, and well-paid chances available. The key point is that you should think about creativity how you can familiarize your skills for them. All these jobs just require the computer with high-speed internet connection, a smartphone, and your skills. Read this guide to find the best online jobs to track. What you can expect to earn and which is the best job for you.

20 Online Jobs for College Students

20- Social Media Manager, Pay: $15-$40/hr.

Managing a company’s social media accounts can be an easy and fun way to make money from home with the flexible schedule. It is the simple and cool way to link with your favorite businesses. With this job you will just promote deals of products and connect with followers. For this job, you can post your CV on random jobs, but the best way is that you connect local companies’ directly. Concentrate on your favorite social network and also boost your pay. If you are a Facebook expert, talk up your experience or skills about it.

19- Online Tutor, Pay: $13-$20/hr. or More

Explore your academic knowledge and strength online to start your own business. Offer early tutoring for fellow college students or attach with K-12 students in home-school programs. It is not only academic; you should attention on your optional talents and provide tutoring or consulting in things like music, fashion, nutrition, art, or social media.

Make your tutorial and market it online at sites like or Wyzant etc. Complete your full course and sell through Udemy or Skillshare.

18- Data Entry, Pay: $9 – $16/hr.

Online data entry jobs are the best option for students because it is the best paying online jobs. For this, you don’t need a lot of skills or experience. This job is easy and you could do this with a computer and an internet connection. Find online data entry jobs from different sites and start own money.

17- Resume Writer, Pay: $15-$25/hr.

If you have the ability in writing then you can start to Resume Writing at home. First of all, you find a person who is the graduate or looking for a new job. Offer to help style their resume to make it job-search-ready. But you’ll find a lot of competition in this field. You can get this job with these websites:

  • ResumeEdge
  • WriterBay

16- Search Engine Evaluator, Pay: $12-$15/hr.

You can earn by cleaning up the search engine, like, Yahoo!, Bing, and Google. Despite continuous updates to their algorithms and search engines are still damaged with errors. They rely on actual creatures to look at search outcomes and compromise feedback on quality correctness and helpfulness. You find the job over these sites:

  • Lionbridge
  • Appen Butler Hill
  • Leapforce

15- Niche Blogger, Pay: Different

Select a topic which is your heart favorite and you have full command – offers clear value to readers. By concentrating on your capability and do work hard becoming an authority, you can make money blogging. If you generate the go-to source of information in your niche, you can earn money through affiliate marketing, relevant advertising, and sponsored posts. With good time management and planning, you can write and promote your blog in free time. In this way, you can earn passive income whole day when readers visit your blog.

You could start your earning with niche blogging, but first of all, you need to create a website. You have a lot of hosting options, one of the best and my favorite is BlueHost. You’ll just pay a very little amount, but it is essential.

14- Freelancer Writer and Editor, Pay: different or $50+/article

With this job your schedule, everything according to your own time set your own rates, and even picks your own gigs. The best thing is that you get paid to write about all things. Other than that, you can also start proofreading job. These performances are good ways to preserve your foot in the door of the writing world when you don’t obligate the time.

13- Micro-Freelancer, Pay: $5-$50/gig

If you are active or creative, you might be able to do just that with Fiverr. Turn your strange ideas and exclusive skills into gigs on Fiverr. If, you don’t famine to wait for clients or expression for an invited service, and pick up a few responsibilities from somebody who essentials help with a quick – simple task. Copycat sites offer such types of jobs.

Read about what you could sell on Fiverr and get ideas from it about your talents.

12- Virtual Recruiter, Pay: $20-$30/hr.

Put your connections and skills in your business to use by linking employees with the right jobs. As a virtual recruiter, you will work as a contact between a company and probable new hires. You will do things like screen resumes, negotiate salaries, post available jobs, and conduct preliminary interviews. With this, you can earn $50,000/yr. as full-time employees, $20-$30/hr. as contractors or employees.

You can start this work with these websites:

  • Freelancer
  • WhyDoWork
  • CareerBuilder
  • Upwork

11- PowerPoint Presentation Designer, Pay: $10-$20/slide

Did you use PowerPoint for your presentation in the last semester? If yes, then turn that skill into your money making online source. When business person or speakers don’t have to time to create the presentation for their speech event, do it for them, and get your commission.

Setup your own storefront as professional slide designer. You can also list up your services on freelance sites like freelance or Upwork.

10- Genealogist, Pay: $70-$700/project

In this job, people will pay you to put composed their complicated family trees. Are you already a love genealogist or studying any subject in school? You could earn money by doing as much or as little work you can manage easily. Setup own storefront or list your experience on freelance websites.

9- Virtual Assistant, Pay: $10-$20/hr.

Get paid to use communication and organization skills, which you’ve established to visit on top of classes, schoolwork, and optional. This performance is varying in pay, time, and real work. You might help business owners and people with data entry, website maintenance, customer services, and social media management. You can find such type of jobs by visiting these:

  • People Per Hour
  • VA Networking
  • Zirtual
  • Work at Home Mom

8- Transcriptionist, Pay: $15-$25/hr.

It needs little to no previous experience and offers accessible working hours and workloads. Such work sounds easy, you just listen audio and type what you hear. But it can be repetitive and wants a lot of courtesy to detail. These work hours fit well around an academic schedule and pay is also pretty well.

Try to find transcriptionist jobs with these sites:

See Also

  • Rev
  • Quicktate
  • TranscribeMe
  • Tigerfish

7- Call-Center Employee, Pay: $7-$15/hr.

Buyers used to call a company to order or complain, and they’d extent the central office. But, now virtual call center route incoming calls to a home agent’s phone and they receive a script on how to answer their question. So, they can respond customer-service sell products or inquiries. Enroll yourself as an agent at a call-center company website like as:


6- Answering-Service Employee, Pay: $8-$14/hr.

When you call your doctor’s office at 3 a.m., the person answers your question might be someone, who is at own home. For this job you just require a cheerful and calm demeanor, a computer, and a phone. Such type of situation you search from:


5- Content Writer, Pay $66,000/yr.

The content writer is a good job with pretty good pay. Most companies don’t have the team to create content for their websites, so they hired outsource employee from freelancers. A lot of new sites generating daily, writers are in huge demand. Companies often require content affecting to an explicit field of expertise, so it helps to sell yourself in your extents of strength. indeedcom is a website where you can find such type of jobs.

4- Teach Support Representative, Pay: $11-$21/hr.

Tech support reps help buyers find and use the right product for their needs via email, online chats, via phone. Most support aces log 20hrs or more in each week, much of the spell on weekends.

3- Beauty Product Seller, Pay: varies

beauty tips for students, monthly bag of make up

If you are the lover of makeup products, you can join to earn additional money by selling their products. It is a good beauty product industry and offers the job that can help them become successful.

2- Expert, Pay: $2.5-$25/Feedback

A lot of sites offer how-to information on just about everything. As a Guru of the specific topic, you can register yourself on the sites and you start to answer questions from the public. You won’t work full-time replying questions, but you can develop more queries over time. A is a site where you can register yourself for the job.

1- Interview Transcriber, Pay: $5-$40/hr.

Nonfiction writers and journalists conduct thousands of hours of interviews, but they don’t have to transcribe them. But due to the internet, it is very simple just email a digital audio file to transcriber they listen well, type it up and sent it back you.

Look for regular work and visit these sites:

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