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17 Things You Say You Do for the Kids but Are Really For Your Own Sanity

17 Things You Say You Do for the Kids but Are Really For Your Own Sanity

Of course, it wonderful feeling to have kids and when you sacrifice your needs and wishes to see them pleased and fortunate all time. Avoid Spoiling Your KidsOccasionally, you just hope for to meet your friends or test your Instagram without going up, so you tell little lies to yourself and persuade everybody that you’re doing things for your children advantage. But actually, you’re doing them absolutely for yourself. Here are 17 things you say you do for the kids but are really for your sanity.

We won’t tell your kids about these 17 things you say you do for the kids but are really for your own sanity. You tell your child that they can play on your cell phone as a delight, which is a good thing for you, but actually, you just need a little time of calm to close your eyes and refresh yourself.

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  1. You say to your children that they can just take ice cream on “particular occasion,” but then you are the one of the best mothers ever when you have it on “regular nights,” as you just want a spoon now and then.
  2. You ready your 2-year-old child for soccer so that he can “learn about sports and make good friends,” but you just want to meet people and other mom friends for an hour without your children.
  3. You say you’re cooking grilled cheeses for your children, but actually, you want to eat those gooey Kraft Singles cheese slices.
  4. You persuade your family and friends that baby yoga is magnificent for your kid health, but you’re doing it to acquire some guilt-free chill-out time and some bonus exercise just for you.


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  1. You pay money for your ever-growing baby fashionable clothes as you say you want to wear them very high-quality pieces, but actually, you want to show an interesting Instagram post of your child in tiny little shoes and clothes.
  2. You say that you want to make chips and healthy food for your kid, but if you want to eat chips! And you make it, but you’re buying them “for your children, actually you wish to eat that.
  3. You adopt a puppy as you think your kids really like it and have so well behaved with them, but you’ve been waiting for them as you need someone in the house.
  4. You join mommy-and-me classes so your baby can know about music and instruments, but you just want to get out of the home for an hour a week for relaxation.
  5. You tell your kid to make the friend the smart/active/gifted child in the class, but actually, you just want to connect with their natural mothers.
  6. You tell you to select the younger, not as much of experienced nanny over the other candidates as she looked like the most excellent option, but you need somebody whom you can boldly talk reality TV with.
  7. You say you’re showing your 1-year-old kid birthday photos on Instagram, but you just want to flex your “new-mother Pinterest muscles.”
  8. You say you want your child to watch The Lion King it’s a Disney classic, and they must be educated about it, but actually, you just want to feel some reminiscence.
  9. You say that the children can have ten extra minutes of television time as you think it’s good, but you would have given them the time, as you want to play and get the high score on Candy Crush in free time.
  1. You say you’re taking your kid to their first performance on their report card was so amazing. But sincerely you just need a reason to see One Direction perform live.
  2. You say that your child’s most likable restaurant is closed, but honestly, you can not sit at that same place to take one more meal.

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  1. On the whole anything, you do with your kid because you want to put it up on Facebook and show your friends how beautiful/modish/brilliant/gorgeous your baby is.

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