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16 Very Early Signs of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

16 Very Early Signs of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

Pain in Pregnancy

Signs of Pregnancy

Ooh sometimes you have done unprotected sex, and you are worried about pregnancy, and you don’t want a baby. What is your reaction? Are you pregnant or not? How can you come to know about pregnancy early?

Or you want to plan your family or want a cute baby and want to become pregnant then you even not have the patient to wait for some days. You wish to know about your pregnancy as early as possible. Hmm in this article I will tell you about the very first sign of pregnancy before missed period. Well, one thing more I want to inform you that the physical condition of every woman is different from other, and sometimes they feel different sign in their pregnancy. Every woman feel different sign, but I will tell you about the majority of sign that every woman feels but, at last, a medical test is best to confirm pregnancy.

Know the Earliest Pregnancy Signs

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Basal Body Temperature

When ovulation occurs then the basil body temperature will increase. If you regularly examine your basal body temperature, then you come to know that your basal body temperature is rising. A special thermometer is used to determine the body temperature. I have not examined my basal body temperature but when I conceive I feel too much heat in my body. I feel too much hot even the weather is normal until the end of pregnancy.

Weakness and Feeling Tired or Fatigue

Pregnancy Before Missed Period

When you get pregnant, then your body is making hormones for you and your developing baby. Also, your metabolism becomes fast to develop both of you, mean there is a load on your metabolism. Then you feel fatigued and sleepy all the time. Even sometimes if you are watching a movie and enjoying with your partner, you fall asleep. Some women do not notice this change or their body adjust this quickly. But personally, when I conceive I want to sleep all the time. Sleeping was my favorite hobby during pregnancy. What was your hobby during pregnancy share with us?

Nausea or Morning Sickness

Vomiting for Pregnancy

Nausea or morning sickness is the primary sign of pregnancy. Some women do not feel nausea throughout their pregnancy, and some feels nausea during the first three months and some women have nausea throughout their pregnancy. Usually, the nausea is taking place after the conceiving of two weeks of pregnancy. You feel nausea in the morning or any time of the day. The main reason for nausea is the change of hormones in the body. Some doctor says that nausea represents that the high hormones in the body and some doctor says that some women’s body are more sensitive to pregnancy hormone.

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Pain in Breast

The main sign of pregnancy is that as you conceive, then hormones increase in your body for pregnancy and your breast becomes more sensitive, heavier and fuller. Your size of the breast will increase more and more especially if you are going to pregnant first time. You feel a tingling sensation in your nipple. You feel much pain, and sometimes a minor touch on the breath will irritate you even when you take a shower then the falling water from the shower will tease you. Well, this change will become accessible after some weeks when your body used to the hormones of pregnancy.

Dream and your Feelings

It yours own spiritual that you think or feel and sometimes you saw goals. Sometimes you see yourself with a baby or any idea with the baby. Sometimes you feel that when you are eating or doing any other work, then there is someone who is eating, sleeping, drinking with you. You feel being a mother. It’s my experience when I conceive then I feel like a mother. If I eat something, I feel there is someone who is eating with me. You feel so lovely and kind. Sometimes I saw dreams of a baby is calling me mama. Share your experience about your feelings and thoughts if you ever feel during pregnancy before confirmation.

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Spotting and Cramping

Sometimes you feel a spot of red or pink color. It is also the sign of pregnancy. You also feel cramping as your periods are coming, but it is the sign of pregnancy. The main reason of cramping is the fertilization of the egg is taking place in the uterus. Spotting will happen after 8 to 10 days after ovulation.

Crave of any Specific Things

When you conceive you want to eat a particular thing and become mad to get that thing even if you don’t like these food items on regular days. You become crave of food or special things. Sometimes you want to eat spicy and tasty things. You feel hunger more and more.

Sometimes some women crave of many things that not eaten like chalk, clay or dirt. And sometimes you don’t want to eat anything a whole day.

Sense of Smell

Your sense of smell become much high when you conceive even you can feel minor things that you have not noticed in regular days. You can smell from miles. Sometimes these feel irate you so much. You feel that there is so much smell in food items like milk, chicken or meat. You don’t want to see them.

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Mood Swing

When your hormones change then, you feel a sudden change in your emotion and behavior. Even sometimes you forgot your loved one or want to fight with you, partner and children. You have no control over your feelings. Sometimes you become too much emotional on little things. Well, these things are the part of pregnancy, but the main thing is that your husband has to understand this situation. He must try to make you happy and fresh all the time.

You Skin

If you don’t have acne, pimple or dull skin, but suddenly you feel acne or dry skin. It can also be the sign of pregnancy. These changes will settle down after some days when your body accepts the change of hormones. Don’t touch them because after some days your skin will become more attractive and lovely.

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Your Sexual Behavior

You sexual behavior also change. Sometimes you want to do more sex and more, but sometimes you even do not wish to see your partner sitting with you. You also feel some pain during intercourse.

Vaginal Discharge

Missed Period

You feel a white discharge from your vagina. It is normal during the pregnancy and remains until the end. But you feel any smell from white discharge then you should consult with your doctor.

Constipation or Diarrhea

As the hormones change in your body, then your digestive system become slow down. As the digestive system slow down, you feel illness. To handle this problem you have to take the lots of water and vitamin in your diet. But some women feel diarrhea instead of constipation. This condition is also the early sign of pregnancy.

Change the Color of Vagina and Nipple

The color of the vagina will change after you conceive, and sometimes the underarm area also becomes darker. The color of nipple also darker and the area around the nipple is call areola will become enlarge. Some doctors say that these changes in nipples making your nipple ready for nursing, and the milk also produce during the pregnancy for the baby.

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Frequent Urine

When you have conceived and as the fetus is growing then there is pressure on your bladder, and you want to urine after each unit. Has the baby grows up the pressure on the bladder will increase, and you wish to go to the toilet again and again. These changes are remaining until the delivery.

Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath is very common during pregnancy. When the baby starts developing in your body, then he/she will need oxygen. And you feel shortness of breath. This condition remains throughout the pregnancy, especially in the last three months.

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