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15 Ways to Make Box Brownies Better

15 Ways to Make Box Brownies Better

How to Make Box Brownies Better

I love brownies. But mostly I like brownies in the box style. I have never tried making brownies from scratch because I never have better brownies. But sometimes I want to add little something to box brownies better, and we get other tasty brownies. Here are mention 15 ways to make box brownies better.

Chocolate chips Brownies

  • Add chunks of your chocolate candy bar to the mix. Cut up 1 candy bar into 1 centimeter sized and added them to your brownie mix. You add milky-way, chocolate peanut butter or peanut butter.

Cover your brownies with white chocolate or peanut butter chips. As soon as the brownies remove from the oven sprinkle chips on abundantly, let them melt a little and then spread.

  • Now add chocolate chips to the brownies mixture. In its place of making a chocolate chip topping, try mixing the chips in the brownies. Try adding one cup of dark, semi-sweet, milk, white chocolate, cinnamon, mint or peanut butter chips.
  • Add marshmallows to the brownie mixture. Toss in ½ of a bag of small marshmallows into the prepared brownie batter. You could also wait to add marshmallows to the brownies are almost done baking. Sprinkle the same amount on top and again transfer the brownies to the oven to finish cooking and let marshmallows melt. For “Rocky Road” brownies try mixing in the marshmallows and some chopped nuts, almonds or pecans.

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Chocolate chips

  • Add chopped nuts to the brownie mixture. Chopped some nuts with knife or food processor and add them to your mix before baking. Always peanuts, walnuts, pecans, cashews or almonds are added. Add ½ or 1 cup of chopped nuts.
  • Add 1 tablespoon vanilla to the brownie mixture. Add vanilla when you are mixing all ingredients.
  • Top your brownies with decoration. After baking when brownies are done, and little cooled, add your favorite decoration to the top.
  • Add crushed peppermints. Crush peppermint candy canes in a bag with a rolling pin or with crushed a food processor. One cup of the crushed candy mixture to the brownies mixture. If you have a stronger mint flavor, then try to add an only ½ tablespoon of peppermint.

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  • Add cookies pieces. Chop cookies into small pieces and add 1 cup of them into the brownies mixture before baking. Try whole cookies are adding to your brownies as well. Pour half of the batter; put a layer of cookies and then top with rest of the batter.
  • Now add cream cheese into the batter. Heat the one package of cream cheese in oven for 30 seconds and mix it with ½ cup sugar, 1 egg and 1 tablespoon of vanilla. Now pour this mixture into to the brownies mixture. Swirl it with a knife.
  • Add caramel syrup. After pouring the brownies batter into the pan, pour caramel syrup over the mixture. Swirl caramel syrup throughout the batter by using a knife. Before baking add some pecans if you want to make “turtle” brownies.

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Caramel Brownies

  • Now add one can fruit to the brownies mixture. Add one egg and I can of fruits juice to the brownie and mix carefully to keep the fruits pieces intact.
  • Make individual brownies. Do this by pouring the batter into a sprayed muffin pan. Bake for about 15 minutes, checked them closely with a toothpick, so they don’t turn out hard.
  • For brownie cookies. Get your brownies mixture and add 4 oz cream cheese, one egg, ¼ cup butter and two tablespoons flour and whisk together to make soft cookies like dough. Cookies sheets cover with parchment paper. Pour mixture onto prepared cookies sheet by the teaspoon. Bake at 350 degrees F in the oven for 12 minutes. You could still mix one cup of your favorite nuts etc.

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Brown Cookies

  • Try combining more than one of the suggestions to improve your mix brownies even more. Adding nuts, chocolate chips, cream cheese, fresh fruits, frosting and also mix in candy chunk.
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