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15 Of the Highest Budget Movies in Hollywood

15 Of the Highest Budget Movies in Hollywood

Highest Budget Movies in Hollywood

Film making is an expensive process, in addition to paying for equipment, sets, props, and excellent things that appear on camera cost to pay for actors, designers, technicians, and other staff. After the movie has been filmed, the editing process and special effects must also take into account. Filmmaking is not for the blackout of heart or the surface of pocket because busting blocks at the box office doesn’t come cheap. Here, we break down the highest budget movies in Hollywood.

It looks that Hollywood these days is more attentive in significant fiscal returns than it is in superiority output. The film industry is a huge business and movie budgets have only sustained to growth in recent years. All the movies are in the list of blockbuster Hollywood movies.

15 Of the Highest Budget Movies in Hollywood

15- Prince Caspian – $225 Million

Prince Caspian Highest Budget Movies in Hollywood

Freed in 2008, The Chronicals of Narnia is a famous children’s book series written by C.S Lewis that turned multi-million dollar film production. Already given the high cost of the production, the producer decided to cut some of the expenses that are why many movies was filmed in the UK.

The reason for the high costs can be official to the high cost of constructing the fantasy world is Narnia.  It took 200 workers to build the sets and over 7,000 props intricate in the film. 35 full-time employees were hired to make props unaided during the creation. The Prince Caspian Brought in $419,665,568 at the box office

14- Dead Man’s Chest – $225 Million

Dead Man’s Chest Highest Budget Movies in Hollywood

It is a part two of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Series and tied for one of the most expensive movies ever produced. This is one of the movies released in 2006 and starred such Hollywood big shots as Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, and Johnny Depp. The price of each celebrity is much of what flock up the cost for this film’s making. The supports did not come cheap; the infamous ships The Black Pearl and The Flying Dutchman were actually building in whole for filming. Dead Man’s chest brought $1,066,179,725 at the box office.

13- Man of Steel – $225 Million

Man of Steel Highest Budget Movies in Hollywood

Additionally, $150 million spent on adverting and distributing of this film. This may wide-ranging like a proportion truthful, but with such a significant and expected movie the manufacturers were bound to make greatest of the cost back even before the picture was released. Man of Steel Grossed $662 Million worldwide.

12- The Dark Knight Rises – $230 Million

The Dark Knight Rises Highest Budget Movies in Hollywood

There is no suspicion that some of the best films ever presented have to do with the men who can protect our planet. It released in 2012 and director of this movie Christopher Nolan doesn’t disappoint when it comes to suspense and action. Somewhat shockingly, it was only the third highest earning film of 2012, coming behind the Skyfall and The Avengers. In fact, it made $1,084,439,099 at the box office.

11- Avatar – $237 Million

Avatar Highest Budget Movies in Hollywood

Avatar turned less expensive than people believed. Pioneered film technology and motion capture animation. James Cameron’s team established the technology and software for the film’s sign capture in the 14 months important up to filming. He employed 900 people at Weta Digital to work on the film’s cardinal after-effects.

The modern technology development and use were essential to make Cameron’s vision a reality. It was the first film to make above $2 billion worldwide and till highest upcoming film of all time.

10- The Hobbit – $745 Million

Hollywood movie

The Hobbit series cost a total of $745 million near create, but some film experts divide the prices of the movies haphazardly, gambling that the third segment. However, the three films were produced concurrently and separated the costs between the two films is tough. The Hobbit trilogy made $2.932 billion at the box office, and Lord of the Rings’ $2.917 billion worldwide.

9- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – $250 Million

Harry Potter Highest Budget Movies in Hollywood

The 6th installment of the eight Harry Potter movies series – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has the biggest budget of any single Harry Potter film. Other than that, the final installment of this movie series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows would have had a similarly enormous budget $250 Million. The film brought back stars Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, Emma Watson as Hermione Granger, and Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley. The film brought almost one billion at the box office.

8- King Kong – $250 Million

King Kong Highest Budget Movies in Hollywood

No alien to behemoth funds thanks to Lord of the Rings, Jackson’s extravagant take on the 30s classic originally had a budget of $510 million, but it clambered higher. Most of the money was expended on Kong himself. The movie made $550 million, becoming the fourth-highest film on gross revenue in Universal Pictures history.

7- The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – $255 Million

Hollywood movie

It is the first Andrew Garfield’s film as Spider-Man. Almost $500 million went into restarting the series, which also starred Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. The second film of this series started Jamie Foxx as Electro, whose passion with spider-Man takes an unsafe turn. Governor Cuomo defined the manufacture as the largest movie making shot entirely in New York City.

6- Spider-Man 3 – $258 Million

Spider-Man 3 Highest Budget Movies in Hollywood

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Helmed by director Sam Raimi, the 3rd portion of the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man trilogy was filmed in Cleveland, Los Angeles, and Peter Parker’s hometown, New York City. It was grossing $890.0 million at the box office.

5- Tangled – $260 Million

Tangled Highest Budget Movies in Hollywood

It is a Disney musical comedy film that uses 3 D animation. Loosely based on a story by the Brothers Grimm, it Features Rapunzel, the first official Disney Princess to be condensed in 3 D pretty than 2D. It is the most expensive animated movie all the time. Tangled performed well for an animated movie at the box office and marking $591.8 million worldwide.

4- John Carter – $271 Million

John Carter Highest Budget Movies in Hollywood

The cost of this film was no way to say it ludicrous. It left Disney anywhere around $200 million out of concise, making it the company’s largest flop film all the time. The personal cost of the film was not too small. The chairman of Walt Disney Studios decided to resign just a month after the releasing of the movie.

3- Titanic – $294 Million


The making cost of the large set was somewhere close to $120 to $150 million alone, in 1997. For that quantity of cash, you might feel torn off with all less than the “Ship of Dreams.” Keep in mind, the grand staircase scene, where the aquatic comes deafening in as Rose and Jack try to outflow. It has just one shot; because the set and cabinets were so massively expensive to create there was no room for error. The worldwide gross $2.2 billion.

2- Avengers: Age of Ultron – $330.6 Million (including tax)


The development of Joss Whedon’s successful first Avengers movie features an all-star cast, containing Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America, and Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. The film shot primarily in England, with on-site filming in Italy, South Korea, Bangladesh, and New York City. Avengers: Age of Ultron continued to make $1.403 billion at the box office.

1- Pirate of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – $378.5 Million

Pirate of the Caribbean Highest Budget Movies in Hollywood

The film was operating to the UK and Hawaii. It appropriated similar 3D film technology that used in James Cameron’s film Avatar and featured around 1,200 computer made sequences. When generators filed for a tax rebate in the UK, it discovered that the production costs $410.6 million, making on Stranger Tides definitively and without question, the most expensive moved off all the time. It made over billion dollars – $1.046 billion at the box office.

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