15 Countries you’ve Never Heard Of

15 Countries you’ve Never Heard Of

There are total 196 countries in the earth, so it is very tough to know all of them. I’m going to tell you about 15 countries you’ve never heard of before. Some of them are economically rich countries and some are failing with economics. Few of them are literally falling into the ocean and some made millions from removal bird crap.

Most of us just know a fixed number of countries in the world like Spain, France, and Italy. Many people’s dream going there already completed. These countries I’ve visited already. But if you are looking to intensify your own track and explore secret gems, then these are the flawless countries to visit. Some are free countries and some of them are difficult to get into, but once you are in, you’ll get an entirely geographic experience and unique cultural.

A List of 15 Countries you’ve Never Heard Of

1- Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan Countries you’ve Never Heard Of

Kyrgyzstan is a country that sits between Kazakhstan and China. This country has a beautiful landscape with a rich nomadic tradition. The most stunning place in this country you like to visit in this country is Lake Sary – Chelek, which is squeezed within a lush green valley.

Kyrgyzstan is a small awesome landlocked country which has a long history of semi-independence. Further, this country is famous for their horses for travel and you can ride on them to get the true Kyrgyzstan experience. Try to stay in the yurt during your vacation. These round tents flop down so you can take them anyplace you satisfy, meaning you can set up an encampment near the beaches of a lake for beautiful scenery.

2- Nauru

Nauru Countries you’ve Never Heard Of

Nauru is a small potato shape island in the South Pacific. Just 10,000 people live on the 8.1 square mile island. According to the area, Nauru is the third smallest country on the earth. In 1980, Nauru was the wealthiest nation on the earth. In 2017, it lays one of the five poorest countries in the world.

This small island has a lot of stunningly beautiful scenery and sites that appealing the visitors. In this country, you can see the old phosphate deposits and command ridge, where Japanese soldiers kept watch during World War Two and some beautiful beaches too. The best time to visit the Nauru is after the February and before the November avoiding the heavy rain falls.

3- Burkina Faso

Burkina Fasco Countries you’ve Never Heard Of

Burkina Faso is a beautiful landlocked country that is a part of West Africa and sets between six various countries. If it famous for the appealing and easygoing personalities of the Burkinabe people. But, it doesn’t have the traditional tourist atmosphere, if you decide to visit, the country and its people are more than invigorating for travelers attentive in other cultures. The best times to go are between mid-October and December for avoiding the wet season.

4- Brunei

Brunei is a small country sits on the island of Borneo. It is situated on the North Coast and surrounding by Malaysia. King Hassanal Bolkiah is ruling on Brunei, whose family has ruled the country for the past six centuries. The cultural peak was between the 15th and 17th centuries when they controlled large seaside areas.

It is a home of nine mountain zeniths that range from 775 feet to 3,772 feet. Many forest assets for the hiker and traveler. But, if you are going there, you can catch a baseball game at Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium. Other than that, you can spend your time by checking the Malay Technology Museum. The best time to visit the Brunei is between October and February; rest of the year is very hot and steamy.

5- Vanuatu

Vanuatu Countries you’ve Never Heard Of

Vanuatu is located in the South Pacific Ocean. It was settled more than 3,500 years ago and first time visited by the fabulous traveler James Cook in 1774. Here you can find the beautiful largest waterfalls, beaches, snorkel or scuba dive shipwrecks, hike Mt. Yasur and eat at exciting restaurants and exotic. You go to visit this small country between the May and October. During these months, many sporting contests and festivals are going on here.

6- Kiribati

Kiribati Countries you’ve Never Heard Of

Kiribati is also a beautiful place that you can visit in the Pacific Ocean. It has an impressive population of over 100,000 people. Kiribati is known for their many WWII Relics along with world class fishing and cultural practices. The weather is very hot throughout the year, so be sure to bring sunscreen and drink a lot of margaritas on the beach.

7- Tajikistan

Tajikistan Countries you’ve Never Heard Of

Tajikistan is a hilly land area in Central Asia. It is nearby to Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, and Afghanistan. Also, it is a perfect destination for trekkers and adventurous lovers. When you go there, you must visit the Wakhan Valley, Fan Mountains, and Penjikent. The most suitable time for nature lovers and adventure seekers to go here is the early spring and summer.

8- Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Countries you’ve Never Heard Of

Azerbaijan sits between Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It is known as the Transcontinental Presidential Republic. Azerbaijan is well-known in oil and has an imperial history dating back to 4,000 BC. In this beautiful country, you can visit the historical places, including Khan’s Palace and Maiden’s Tower. You got to visit between April and June when flowers are blooming.

9- Mayotte

Mayotte Countries you’ve Never Heard Of

Mayotte is not a registered country in the world processor dictionary even it is unknown too. In 1843 France gained control of this island and French rule to this day. It is famous to be a most expensive place to stay. But if your bank account is not your unease, you can have an amazing tour sailing, relaxing, snorkeling, and diving. It is best to visit between June and November.

10- Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast Countries you’ve Never Heard Of

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Ivory Coast is another West African country and its borders Burkina Faso. It was one of the most significant trade routes between 1,000 and 1.500 AD when many cultures and kingdoms emerged. Later on, it was a trade haven used by European nations and was appealed by France in 1893. The nation of Ivory Coast inhabitants eventually gained their independence in 1961.

More, it is a home of solid rain forests and white beaches, which are certain to add fun and eagerness to your visit. The best times to visit are between early March and November.

11- Tuvalu

Tuvalu Countries you’ve Never Heard Of

Tuvalu is formerly known as the Ellice Islands. It is the middle between Hawaii and Australia. This land is just barely above the water level, making the current global heating crisis a very grave threat for the permanency of the island. The highest point is just 16 feet above water level. During May and October, you can enjoy more there.

12- Palau

Palau Countries you’ve Never Heard Of

Palau is also located on Western Pacific Ocean. It is a spattered with awesome smaller islands. Many countries have appealed Palau as their own, including Germany, Spain, and japan. It is a part of those countries which are best for diving and snorkeling termini in the world with the quantity coral reefs, shipwrecks from the many wars that were wrestled off its coast, tunnels, lots of vertical fall-offs, and an appealing diversity of water life.

13- South Ossetia

South Ossetia Countries you’ve Never Heard Of

South Ossetia is a Russian-speaking micro-state is so unknown that straight Google doesn’t have many entries for it. All the most surprising places in the world list, South Ossetia may prove to be the hardest country to travel. As it is an opposed Autonomous Oblast of Georgia. It offers the political traveler much in the technique of interesting plotting and stories.

14- Futuna

Futuna Countries you’ve Never Heard Of

Futuna is a very small island. It has just 5,000 residents and spans 80 square kilometers. This country is the middle of Polynesia and is opposite with a so unknown country called Wallis. The culture of Futuna has not improved much over the years as the modern world has apparently forgotten to corrupt it. If you want to take a step back in time go to visit Futuna between April and October but suppose to see a good amount of rain.

15- Nagorno-Karabakh

Nagorno-Karabakh Countries you’ve Never Heard Of

Nagorno-Karabakh is a landlocked area in the South Caucasus and surrounded by Iran, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. The area of this country is very hilly and is mostly covered with stunningly beautiful places and forests. You can visit the museums that detail the history of the country, including the war with Armenian.

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