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14 Breathtaking Places You Never Knew Existed

14 Breathtaking Places You Never Knew Existed

Breathtaking Places You Never Knew Existed

We know that wonder and beauty come in various forms in the world. Some of them are natural, and some of them are human-made. Are you feeling bored by visiting the same locations again and again? Now, are you searching new places for visiting? Our earth is so beautiful and filled with a lot of beautiful places. About some of the places you never knew existed and some we have.

While locations like the Machu Picchu, Cancun, and the Coliseum are all spectacular sites to visit. Maybe it is time to start discovering the places that are not on most people’s radar, but equally wonderful places. Here are 14 breathtaking places you never knew existed to add to your travel container list.

14 Breathtaking Places You Never Knew Existed

14- Ghost Trees – Sindh, Pakistan

Ghost Trees Places You Never Knew Existed

It is a fascinating and eerie sight. The phenomenon of ghost trees which is located in Sindh, Pakistan. Both entire trees are ensconced in spider webs. Said that it had happened during the floods when the spiders were forced to seek higher ground. They are now supposed to be keeping the mosquitoes at bay.

13- Quiraing – Scotland

Quiraing Places You Never Knew Existed

Quiraing is a part of the Trotternish Ridge, which set a high series of the landslip, the massive landslip in the Quiraing has devised tall cliffs, peaks of rock, and hidden plateaus. It is the only part of the slip that is still moving and needs repairs every year.

Parts of the original landscape have earned specific names, such as the Needle, which is a pointed 120-foot high landmark Pinnacle, a remnant of land slipping.

12- Hvitserkur – Vatnsnesvegur, Iceland

Hvitserkur Places You Never Knew Existed

Hvitserkur is a 15 meters high rock rise from the sea. The means of Hvitserkur is “White shirt” in Icelandic, comes from the color of the seabird excrement placed on the rock from the numerous species of birds that exist on it.

This significant rock development was once the plug of the volcano, but over the years the caves surrounding the stone cap gave way to the hammering, Atlantic Ocean, leaving only the outside edge of Hvitserkur overdue.

11- Tunnel of Love – Ukraine

Tunnel of Love Places You Never Knew Existed

Tunnel of love is a beautiful place which is situated in Klevan, Ukraine. It is a 3 km long railway section that covers with a green tunnel of trees that line up either side. The different seasons contribute altered sees to the tube of nature. It is famous for this place a love wish made here comes true.

10- Socotra – Yemen

Socotra Places You Never Knew Existed

Socotra is an island and a tiny archipelago of four islands in the Arabian Sea. The land is part of Yemen and has extensively been the sector of the Aden Governorate. The exceptional climate conditions, flora, and wildlife of the island sorts for a secretive charm. In fact, some of these types can’t originate anywhere else on the planet.

9- Zhangye Danxia – China

Zhangye Danxia Places You Never Knew Existed

These mountains are actually a part of China and covering an area of 510 It is famous due to the stunning landscapes that consist of color rock creations. The different hues stem from the bonds of stonework and different other crystals in the rocks.

8- Naica Mines – Mexico

Naica Mines Places You Never Knew Existed

It is a real place which is the part of the Mexico, Chihuahua. The coal mine is home to stunning creations of selenite crystals. The main chamber covers giant selenite crystals, some of the first natural crystals ever originate.

7- Namaqualand – South Africa

Namaqualand Places You Never Knew Existed

Namaqualand is a dry region of South Africa and Namibia. It is the prime destination in early spring, for national and international visitors. Microscopic rain come through this area all other the year. The significant variability of wildflowers is mostly due to the wide-ranging topography in this region.

6- Maelifell – Iceland

Maelifell Places You Never Knew Existed

Maelifell “Measure Hill” is one of the Iceland’s most iconic landmarks. It is a beautiful green moss which hid by pyramid stand-up alone in the vest, black desert landscape. The journey of this place is like a visit to another world.

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5- The Flatirons – Boulder, Colorado

The Flatirons Places You Never Knew Existed

The Flatirons are rock formations which are a perfect place for climbers and hikers. The Flatirons are made up of several small structures. There are five big Flatirons, from north to south, sideways the east slant of the Green Mountain that is the most famous. Climbing history records back over a hundred years, and peers of the world’s best climbers have established their skills there.

4- Whitehaven Beach – Whitsunday Island, Australia

Whitehaven Beach Places You Never Knew Existed

A massive seamless Beach, Whitehaven Beach which is a 4.3-mile spring along Whitsunday Island, it is the largest beach of the 74 islands in the Whitsundays. The turquoise, green, and blue water and the detail that the sand is 98% clean white silica spring this place a brilliant, near glowing color.

3- Lake Natron – Tanzania

Lake Natron Places You Never Knew Existed

Arid, hauntingly and desolate, beautiful Lake Natron is lying in the Tanzania in between the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Highlands. Lake Natron is one of the most alkaline lakes on the earth. The water of this lake reaches a high level of pH as 10.5 and is so soluble in fact. This water damages the eyes and skin of animals that do not avoid to it.

2- Kelimutu Lake – Indonesia

Kelimutu Lake Places You Never Knew Existed

Kelimutu Lake is a part of Indonesia. It’s mean Boling Lake, and mostly visitors can see garlands of steam rise from the superficial of the lakes. All lakes you can see in the similar volcanic peak. Each lake is definitely a various diverse color and wavers between shades as well. The Lake of Old People is actually blue. The Maidens and Young Men are usually green. The third and last enchanted lake can often see as blood red or olive green.

1- Lake Resia – Italy

Lake Resia Places You Never Knew Existed

Lake Resia grips Italy’s most famous drowned town. It is 3.7 miles long Lake, with its high background of the Vallelunga Valley, looks rather like out of a postcard. The history behind it shows that it is less pleasant. Presently, tourists and visitors can bike or hike along the fabulous mountain path nearby the lake.

During the winter months, the water of this sunken town freeze and visitors walk on water.

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