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14 Best Qualities of a Good Parent

14 Best Qualities of a Good Parent

Good Parents

Being a parent is a great blessing of Allah, and we have to thankful that Allah has given us so beautiful babies, this is a fantastic article titled as 14 Best Qualities of a Good Parent. At the same time being a parent is also a challenge for you; mean how you handle your baby and how you set the routine of your baby. What you teach your baby etc. Now your whole personality and way of work are being copied by your child. You are the role model for your baby. If you are committing wrong deeds in the front of your child, then your child will do same, and if you do good deeds then your baby will do the same thing. It said that mother leap is child’s first school. So have to become very careful and must teach your baby all good habits, as it is your future. And I am sure you want your future will be secure and successful. I will tell you some tips; if you follow, then you can become a good parent and teach your child many good qualities.

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Change your lifestyle

  • You are living a happy life, and now you have children in your life. Children mean that a big responsibility and a big challenge for you. Now you have to change your lifestyle, eating habits sleeping habits, etc. you have to take a healthy food as your baby will copy you and they will take a healthy food too that is good for growing children.
  • First, you sleep when you want but now you have to change your sleeping habits and make a proper routine as your baby have to copy you, so your baby can understand that sleep is not everything in life there are many types of other activates and responsibilities that are waiting.
  • Make a routine of every work in your home eat food and go to sleep at a proper time, plan some extra time for other activates and groom your child personality in well and good way.

Be frank with your children

Health Visitor Talking To Mother With 1 Year Children

Children are very innocent, and they always want to speak and share his/her daily routine with you. Make your relationship as that your baby always needs you instead of any other person. As if you child commit any wrong deed then she has the confidence that she/he will tell you.

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Being Good Communicator

Communication skill is very necessary if you want to develop a healthy and confident baby. Build a strong relation with your child as he/she can share all types of routine with you. Listen your baby with calm and peace and with full attention. I hope if you are a good listener then your baby will share every bad and good deed with you. And as a parent, you can understand your baby and provide a good atmosphere to build and grow.

Plan Some Time for Your Baby

Father and CHildren in Kitchen

  • You are too much busy, and you both are doing the job, and you are not giving time to your baby then it not a good for your developing baby, Your baby will be involved in unhealthy and corrupt activities and also feel inferiority complex.
  • If you are too busy then plan some time for your baby, involve outdoor activates like football, basketball and cricket also engage in indoor activities in watching TV and playing.
  • Plain some trip for you baby at least one time in a month and go out to some picnic places, park, and educational points. Museum and historical are a significant source of information for your children.

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Take interest in your child hobbies

Your kids are showing interest in that hobby that is a too fool, or you hate them, don’t get mad and show your interest in your kid’s hobbies and provide you baby proper facility.

If your child is showing interest in using computer or I pad, then you should provide your baby these things.

Don’t become rude, choosing a profession

As your thinking and lifestyle are different, and your children have different type of lifestyle and also have a proper planning for future, you don’t force your baby about profession like

If your baby wants to become an actor then you want that your baby becomes a doctor, don’t force your baby. I know it is little difficult for you, but it is the life of your baby, not yours.

Develop a good lifestyle for your baby

Children have the ability that they learn many types of things from her routine and atmosphere that their parent makes for them.  So you should develop a good lifestyle as a good school or college, the routine of every work as a god discipline that must be followed by everyone in the home.

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Give some pocket money

Money saving is a good habit but doesn’t lecture your baby always to save money. Give some pocket money to your baby and make him/her little independence about spending money. You can examine your baby and guide about how to spend money properly.

Don’t become so stick

Well, a human is always committed mistake and child are so sweet as he/she has no so sense what is wrong or right if your child commits any mistake then don’t become so rude or stick. You have to teach your baby in a good way.

Don’t compare your children with others

Every person has his personality and according to personality and mind anyone has some good and bad qualities. Sometimes a person has some unique God gifted quality that is so good. It happened that sometimes your baby has some traits you don’t like or not good for your baby in future. In this situation don’t compare your child with other and don’t criticize all the time, as it loses the confidence of your baby also your baby feel inferiority complex.

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Show your love for your children

Offer Unconditional Love To Child

Children are so sensitive, and every baby, child, and teenage require lots of love and attention, as it is the primary need of every baby. Make your baby feel special by showing your love like give your baby good night kiss, hug and lots of love. Call your baby by lovable name. Parent is the primary role model for children, so you have to show lots of love for your child

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Treat your all babies equally

If you have more than one baby and every baby has some specific qualities and for example that you like the second baby then other, you want to love your second baby more and want to provide more things. This kind of behavior is wrong, if you do this, then your other children feel inferiority complex and many negative aspects can develop very soon in another baby. So you should always treat your baby equally.

Give some time on special occasions

You have no time and not giving time to your baby correctly does not matter more. But there must be some events in your baby live that are much important, like on result day, on a match, parent day, mother day, etc. you should be with your child and encourage your babies and do some special as these little things become a memory for your baby.

Be aware of the generation gap

Genration Gap

Well as the time passes the things, the situation will change. When you were a kid, then your thought and time were different, and now generation change and many things and technologies are develop as the thought will also be modified. So you also have to aware of the difference and do work and plan things according to time, as your baby will have to copy you. If your baby examines that you have updated and aware all type of changes then you baby can share many things with you.

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