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13 Ways To Low Blood Pressure Naturally

13 Ways To Low Blood Pressure Naturally

lower blood pressure Naturally

From recent research, it is proved that high blood pressure leads to death at least 15% people in America. Now I will tell you how you can low blood pressure naturally. Well, there are no any symptoms, but it leads you to dangerous conditions like heart attack, cognitive decline, aneurysms and kidney failure, etc. In America, at least, 28% people are the patient of blood pressure, but they are not aware of their disease. If you have the problem of blood pressure, then you can lower your blood pressure with these simple and easy ways.

If you use medicine to control your blood pressure, then you can control your blood pressure, but the use of medicine will give you more problems like dizziness, insomnia and leg cramps. So you should low blood pressure with these simple methods and if you will not see any comfort then consult your doctor.

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Take Healthy Diet

3 Tips to Eat Healthy on a Budget

A healthy diet plays an important role in healthy and active life. Nowadays we use lots of junk food, process food, energy drinks, that are dreadful for us. You should add fresh fruit and vegetable in your diet like apple, banana, strawberry, peach, etc. fish, egg, bean, pulses, white meat is rich if you want to add healthy diet in your menu.

Breathe Deeply

The deep breath will always give you calm and peace of mind. Yoga is also good for the patients who are suffering blood pressure. Take a deep breath like inhale and exhale at least for 3 to 5 minutes daily in the morning and evening. You will feel fresh and energetic.

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Go for Walks

Dinner Walk

Walk is best for everyone especially for those people who are the patient of blood pressure. Walk at least for 20 minutes daily in the morning and evening. Walk in fresh air will give more oxygen to your heart and cells and, as a result, you will low your blood pressure soon.

Include Potassium-Rich Food in your Diet

Potassium is great if you are the patient of high blood pressure.  From recent research, it is proved that potassium can low your blood pressure naturally. Take at least 2000 to 4000 mg of potassium daily. You can add potassium-rich food in your diet like potato, sweet potato, kidney beans, tomato, orange juice, melon, dry fruits, etc.

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Avoid Salt

Salt has sodium that is not good for high blood pressure. Half spoon of salt has 1200 mg of sodium. Fast and processed food also has sodium. All types of sodium are not suitable for you. So you should be salt smart and avoid food that has sodium.

Use Dark Chocolate

Chocolate Facts

Dark chocolate is also fine if you want to low your blood pressure. Dark chocolate is full of flavanols, which makes your blood vessels more elastic. From recent research, it is proved that at least 18% people low their blood pressure with the use of dark chocolate. But be sure you should use dark chocolate that has 70% cocoa. You should take ½ ounce dark chocolate daily.

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Use Coffee

Caffeine also low blood pressure naturally. Use at least two cups of coffee in your daily routine.

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Take up Tea

Facts of Tea

Tea also low your blood pressure easily. Drink at least 3 cups of hibiscus tea daily and low blood pressure. Hibiscus tea contains phytochemicals that can low your blood pressure. Different herbal tea is enough to control your blood pressure.

Take Rest

If your routine is very hard trying to take rest. Take lots of rest, at least, 7 to 8 hour of sleep is necessary for you.

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Be Happy

If you are not satisfied and always remain in stress, then you are at the high risk of blood pressure. Also, if you have high blood pressure then be fresh and happy, infect you have to spend your time with your family, friends and lover. From recent research, it is proved that if your mood is happy and free from stress, then your blood pressure will remain normal.

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I have mentioned some ways that are helpful to cure low blood pressure naturally. If you adopt any method, then share your experience with us. Thank you.

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