12 Ways to Stay Motivated to Keep Fit

Susannah Taylor

In the past the beauty and health editor of Fashion and Glamour, Susannah has had over fifteen years experience in the beauty and health industry. Susannah Taylor describes how she provoked herself for losing weight when it’s the last thing on earth she feels like doing. Here she had told her 12 ways to stay motivated to keep fit and her experience that how she motivated herself for losing weight.

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Before almost three years.I was doing splendid work in Getting the Gloss launch and commuting into London, and my kids were only 5 and 3. As I drink my third glass of wine at a dinner party. I was talking with my friend about exercise who was very fit; she described that when she moved her body, she feels more peaceful healthy and free of stress. The next day, I pulled my weary body out for a run and got only half way down the lane outside our house before I had to stop, puffed for air. My throat hurt so much I told my husband; I thought I had tonsillitis because of taking so much air at once. I determined myself for remaining fit, and it will be undoubtedly beneficial for me.

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This also simultaneously with two other things, I exposed a book called Run Fat Bitch Run By Ruth Field, £11.99, which totally altered my move toward fitness. I also met Steve Mellor, a personal trainer from Freedom2Train. Steve come into my office and takes me out for fitness training. He taught me for the first time in my life that fitness can be fun and that I could drive myself much harder than I ever thought I could – I speedily learned that when it pains, it doesn’t mean I have to end. Steve has an express, ‘Get out of your comfort zone, into the results zone,’

 12 Ways to Stay Motivated to Keep Fit

This means that if you want the good result, you have to work hard without hesitation.

Now, almost three years on I exercise 3-5 times a week, and I thought that when you hardly work hard, you will get good results.

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When it’s drizzling, chilly, you’re tired, and I know all too well how hard it is to motivate yourself. Here are the instructions and activities I have learned to remain fit I hope you will also get benefit from it.

1. Start Slowly

That day when I firstly went running down the way, I was going too quickly. I stopped because I feel pain I thought I couldn’t do this it’s not easy.’ The one thing that the book Run Fat Bitch Run trained me that you have to start gradually. Ruth Field, the author, describes that if you are going to running, start by walking fast and then at that moment where your walk breaks into a run, stay at that pace. When I did this, I easily start my exercise, and it was the very real change for me most of the people don’t use because their star is very active steps of training.

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 12 Ways to Stay Motivated to Keep Fit

2. Exercise Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

I think you should apply when you don’t feel like it’s a real motivation for you don’t make excuses. There is immense saying that says

‘No one ever remorse a workout.’

 12 Ways to Stay Motivated to Keep Fit

This is so accurate – no issue how much I haven’t wanted to go to the fitness center/ exercises in the park/ out for a jog, I have to work in any condition don’t make lame excuses.

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3. Overthrow The Stay Here On The Sofa Gremlin

When its time for exercise, you make excuses which stop you for exercising as you think. “It’s chilly weather”, “It’s starting to rain”, “I haven’t got time now”, “It’s late”, “I’m tired”, “I’m starving”, “It’s getting dark”, “I can’t find my stuff”, “Time of the month”, “I have a pain”, etc. My advice is that don’t waste your time in excuses just go out. As Nike says, just DO IT.

4. Put Your Trainers On

It’s a good tip. I also took from Run Fat Bitch Run. Put your stuff and your trainers on and walk out of the front door and then just close it. When you will do it, you will bad if you will go back without exercising. As a result you will certainly go.

5. Buy Some New Training Kit

You should look attractive when you go out for a walk or go to the gym it inspires you to exercise  always get ready your trainers and beautiful jogging dress .if your jogging dress is ugly how can you wear and then, of course, you will not go for a walk. So buy new and attractive training kit.

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When you buy your favorite brand shoes and favorite bra, favorite top, and the most flattering, stylish running shoes, then you will absolutely go. My favorite brands are Sweaty Betty for run jackets (never let the rain put you off).

 6. Set a Goal

12 Ways to Stay Motivated to Keep Fit

It’s an old phrase, but it works really you should set a goal for exercise. If you’ve signed up for a 5 kilometer run for example, then there’s no rotating back. You will have to do this even go out with your friends it’s the best tip to motivate your exercise sense.

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7. Schedule Fitness In Your Diary Like a  Meeting

 12 Ways to Stay Motivated to Keep Fit

One main excuse which people usually makes is that I have small kids.Its a full-time duty to look after them.My routine is so hectic and busy.I have a meeting. These are just lame excuses because if you want something to do you can manage. You should don’t  care how your routine is busy just go for exercise.

8. Get a Good Playlist

Training is tough. It takes attempt, which is why honestly lots of people don’t do it. However, it’s approaching through the hardiness that makes you stronger and fitter. Best tip is when you feel lazy and don’t want to exercise than play you favorite song download your most favorite song and just practice.You will feel excited, it surprisingly works.

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9Hit it

 12 Ways to Stay Motivated to Keep Fit

If you have less time, then you try to catch preparation.  Is the present phrase in exercise and it’s the type of activity that players have been doing forever. In brief, HIT is short. Quick ways of use in little time. I do Tabata on the exercise bike which is: 20 of flat out cycling, 10 seconds rest repeated for four minutes. I do two rounds of this within 15 minutes on the motorcycle. It’s the fast way to get fit and will keep your metabolism also soon.

10. Ignore What Anyone Else Says

12 Ways to Stay Motivated to Keep Fit

A great tip that doesn’t care for others. What he o she says about you just exercise without any hesitation. You just keep it in your mind you have good trainer’s active efforts. And attractive jogging top.

 11. Imagine Yourself Amazing

It’s chilly weather, dark and rainy outside and you may not feel like going outside now but just keep in mind feel and imagine yourself sitting on a beautiful beach, and there is a holiday I know it’s not easy, but it works to keep you fit and in shape. You should exercise and enjoy there a lot in beautiful imagination.

12. Make Health As Important As Work

Good health is a great blessing no doubt; you just have to think that your health is paramount and you overweight is not good for your health you can become a victim of many diseases because of your overweight. Then you will surely try to weight loss research has improved people who exercise and keep themselves fit they lead the happy long life without diseases.