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Why I am so Tired? 12 Reasons of Feeling Tired All the Time

Why I am so Tired? 12 Reasons of Feeling Tired All the Time

Reasons of Feeling Tired

Oh, it’s awful for you when you feel tired and sleepy all the time. You don’t want to do even your work of your leading personality. You don’t want to the office or don’t want to complete your home task.  You just want to take rest and lay down. Have you think what the reason behind this situation is. Hmm, I will tell you the main reasons why you feel tired all the day and night in this title Why I am so Tired? 12 Reasons of Feeling Tired All the Time.

Sometimes you are not taking enough sleep according to your requirements and your feel tired, but lake of sleep is not only the reason for feeling tired. There are many small things in your daily routine that you do or sometimes skips that lead you to mental and physical tired. From the research, some habits make you feeling tired these are listed below.

Weakness and Feeling Tired or Fatigue

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Leaving Exercise is also the Reason of Feeling Tired

Hmm, exercise is a good habit that you have included in your daily routine. Your body is used to this practice. But sometimes when you leave this practice you feel tired and lack of energy because from a new research it is proved that at least exercise three days in a week will give you extra energy and increase the stamina of your body. Because when you use the oxygen delivery to your tissue and your cardiovascular system also work better. That gives lots of energy to your body so you should exercise or even simple walk.

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You are not Taking Enough Lack of Iron in your Diet

Well, the lack of iron is also a significant factor of feeling tired, weak, and irritate and lack of energy. You should add more healthy diet that is full of iron. Egg, beef, kidney, nuts, green vegetables are the rich and natural source of iron. But you can take supplements also. Vitamin C is also necessary to observe iron in your body.

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Drink Plenty of Water

Pure Drinking Water

Dehydration will also lead you to feel weak and tired because when you are not taking water in your diet, then it causes a reduction in your blood that makes your blood thicker. Due to the thicker blood, your heart will not work properly. So you should take enough water that escapes your body from dehydration.

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You Feel Anxiety

Being in fear of many things like when your boss call you then you become much afraid or when you are outside you are afraid of the accident. Simple if you worried many usual things then it low your energy level, and you feel tired. Hmm, the simple solution of this problem is that takes long breath inhale and exhale. Walk in fresh air and yoga will also make you fresh and energetic.

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You are not Taking your Breakfast

Best Breakfast Menu

Breakfast is the excellent habit you don’t skip it in any situation because when you make dinner at night and then go to sleep, then your body consume all your diet that you have done for the dinner and the next morning body again need some healthy food to complete the requirement of the body. But if you don’t make breakfast then you feel much tired and weak. So it’s very essential to start your day with a healthy breakfast that can complete your all daily requirements. A healthy breakfast includes egg, milk, oatmeal, bread and butter.

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You are Taking Lots of Junk Food

You are taking lots of junk food

Ops you like junk food like pizza, burger and many other things like me. But be careful that the too much intake of junk food will increase blood sugar, and you feel tired and week. Take the diet that is full of a protein of meat, egg, fruits, vegetables, and salad.

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You Don’t Want to Say No

Sometimes your friend or other fellow makes you worse on some task, and you become much angry but don’t want to show them. Like your boss order, you to do work on Saturday or your baby coach ask you to make lunch for the whole team. Well, don’t worry and try to handle this type of situation. If you don’t want to do work, then say him “no” only?

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You have Messy Home or Workplace

Messy home or your kitchen or working place is awful. It can take your energy on very low level. If you start your day with scatted things, then you don’t focus on your work in a right way. You should manage your office table before leaving, empty your sink and organize all kitchen and home before sleep. The next morning organize and clean home or office will boost up your energy and increase your stamina.

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You Don’t have Taken Rest in Vocations

Sleep Facts

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We’ll continue all the day work sometimes will make you tired and weak. Sometimes you should take the break like on Sunday you should leave all your work and enjoy your life in the pleasant environment. Infect a break from work make you more creative, active and energetic.

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You Check your E-mail or use the Internet at Bedtime

Use of smartphone, tablet or computer in your bedroom is not a good hobbit. The lights that emit from these devices are not suitable for the healthy body. It can disturb your sleep and spoil your sleeping hobbit. It is said that you don’t use any equipment before 3 hours from sleeping.

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Too Much use of Caffeine

Too much use of caffeine

Well, coffee or tea is okay for you to infect 2 or 3 cups of coffee in the day makes you active all the day but too much use of coffee or caffeine will disturb your sleeping hobbits. And of course, if you are not taking good sleep mean that you are not active and feel tired all the day.

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Use of Wine Before Going to Bed

Facts about Alcohol

Use of wine before going to bed is not a good hobbit infects. The wine has alcohol, and it can depress the nerve system also not good for your body. So when you are using wine, then you often wake up at night. So avoid the use of alcohol.

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From all the above discussion it is proved that a healthy diet and good routine of exercise and proper planning of work will not make you a weak or tired. What is your way to work more and less tired must share with us? Thank you

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