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12 Horoscope Houses

12 Horoscope Houses

12 Horoscope Houses

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Classifications of the Houses

The  12 Horoscope Houses describe the field of experience in the native real life, in which the energies of the planets and signs manage. They designate how the person functions, whether in his interactions with other people, his love, his job and his affairs, etc. These 12 astrological houses are 12 zodiacal signs, and each house is in equivalence with one of the sign.  The houses are also informative of the personal state and one’s personal subjective experience and behavior.

Calculation of the houses of the horoscope is based on the birth time. 12 houses cutting off the Natal chart builds on the “house system”, it varies from one astrology to another. Each of the 12 houses of a definite chart areas of life, types of people and relationships, ideas, and life situation.

Most astrologers think that when a planet is near a house cusp, its mean it belongs to the blue house. It can vary from 1 degree to 6 degrees and sometimes it changes 8 degrees to 10 degrees. Some astrologers are not believed in this rule. Therefore, a planet found at less than 3 degrees of the next house is supposed to be in that house.

The habitual classifies houses as on the one hand, their authority on an individual is not similarly necessary and on the contrary, they have different specificities regarding characterology. There are three classifications of the houses: the first one is Accentuation, the second one is Quadrant, and third & last one is Hemisphere Emphasis. The Accentuation houses are divided into three parts angular, succedent and cadent. The quadrant is known as the zodiac, is also differentiates into four parts of the same size. And the last one is hemisphere is divided into four parts. Before the explanation of the houses, we explain the summary of the three classifications.

The Accentuation

The Accentuation house is divided into three parts angular, succedent and cadent.

The 1st house, the 4th house, the 7th house and the 10th house are included in Angular house.  These all are paramount houses of the Natal Chart, especially 1 and ten houses. If the natal planets are posited near to the angles or 8 to 10 degrees, they become very prominent. In many cases, they are part of the dominant planets. The action is a keyword of the angular house.

The succedent house is situated instantly after the angular house; there are the 2nd house, 5th house, 8th house and 11th house. These houses are less dynamism and less important than the angular houses. Its keyword is stability.

Third portions of the houses are the cadent house; they are following the third house, the 6th house, the 9th house and the 12th house. Cadent house is even less important than the succedent house. Its keywords are mobility and vivacity.

The Quadrant

The first quadrant includes the first house, the second house, and the third house. The keyword of the first quadrant is egotistical nature. The people who belong in this sector be liable to pay extreme attention to their own interests and don’t impulsively care for others. They are particularly dynamic.

The second quadrant follows the 4th house, the 5th house, and the 6th house. The Sociability, creativity, and highlight their daily works. These qualities may be unfavorable to the native’s freedom.

Second last quadrant comprises the 7th house, the 8th house, and the 9th house. They have sheer interpersonal nature. In these sectors, many planets people are thirsting for a company, and they need to charm and to progress through other people.

The last quadrant includes the 10th house, 11th house, and 12th house. People with many planets in these sectors are possible to be separate from characteristic, considerations and are not paying attention to the practical side of things.

The Hemispheres

The hemisphere is divided into four parts the Northern, the Southern, the Eastern and the Western.

The Northern region includes the first house, 2nd house, 3rd house, 4th house, 5th house and 6th house. The Northern Hemisphere is the lower half of the Natal Chart and insinuates a personal, self-centered, subjective and internalized typology.

The Southern hemisphere includes the 7th house, 8th house, 9th house, 10th house, 11th house and 12th house. The Southern hemisphere is an upper half of the Natal Chart and point out the objective, activation, group-oriented and externalized typology.

The Eastern region includes the 10th, 11th, 12th houses and 1st, 2nd, 3rd houses. Eastern hemisphere is located near at the Ascendant (1st house), it is the left half of the Natal Chart or Zodiac wheel. It shows out the independence and personal action typology.

The Western hemisphere includes the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th houses. The Western part of the territory is located near at the Descendant (7th house), and it is the right half of the Zodiac wheel or Natal Chart.   Western region shows the importance of communication, dependency on other people, as well as actions in use relation with and according to other.

Let’s look at the side of you that resides in each of your twelve houses of the horoscope.

12 Horoscope Houses

The First House

The first house is described his physical appearance, the personality and also the natural demeanor of the native as he faces the outside world. The 1st house is the part of the angular house. The first house is also known as Ascendant or rising sign. It is the one house of the four most famous houses, is located on the left side of the Zodiac wheel (Natal Chart) and equivalent to the place where the sun rises. It’s usual sign is Aries, and its general planetary ruler is Mars.

The Second House

The 2nd house is the part of the succedent house. It covers all matters related to your real material, taste, smells, sound, touch, and physical environment. Its keyword is self-worth and money. Its sign ruler is Taurus, and its planetary ruler is Venus.

The Third House

The 3rd house belongs to the Cadent house. The third house is covered the communication skills and interactions in our environment, siblings and new environment, neighbors, thoughts, short tips and also media communication. The keyword of 3rd house is communication. The 3rd house natural sign is Gemini, and planetary ruler is Mercury.

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The Fourth House

The fourth house is cancer ruled, it located at the bottom of the zodiac wheel and it is an angular house. It belongs to the unique angle called the Immum Coeli and also known as the nadir. It also describes our psychological foundations, family, home life, real estate, our sense of security, domestic life, our past connection and also represents the mother instead of the father. It’s natural planetary ruler is the Moon, and the physical sign is Cancer.

The Fifth House

The fifth house of the Natal Chart covers all pleasant things in the native’s life. It governs the daily life, creative self-expression, pleasure, all forms of play, past time, as well as his love affairs, his hobbies, his luck and his relationship with children in general, including his own. Its original sign ruled by dramatic Leo and planetary ruler is the Sun.

The Sixth House

It is the domain of health and service. The sixth house explains the daily life routine, techniques, careers, works, health, nutrition, attitude, pets, helpfulness, minor obligations, servitudes, and organization. It also concerns health, medicines, and minor illnesses. Its keyword is work and health. It’s natural ruled by Virgo, and its planetary ruler is Mercury.

The Seventh House

The 7th house is the opposite of the 1st house. It is a house of partnerships, relationships, social life and all carries us beyond our personal self into a consciousness of other people, society and the like. It is located on the right-hand side of Natal Chart and equivalent to the place where the sun sets. Its sign ruler is Libra, and planetary ruler is Venus.

The Eighth House

The 8th house concerns the native’s birth and death house. It doesn’t mean actual physical death, and it may be a representative end. The 8th house represents the inheritances, money earned by the other people. It also describes the transformation, mysteries, merges energies, regeneration, our partner’s resources, sexuality, sex, addictions, taxes and personal growth. Its sign is Scorpio, and planetary ruler is Pluto.

The Ninth House

The 9th house describes the foreign languages, inspiration, international travel, long distance travel, higher mind, expansion, gambling, religion, publishing, broadcasting, higher education and universities, luck, philosophy, risk, adventure, and optimism. It ruled by Sagittarius, and its planetary ruler is Jupiter.

The Tenth House

The 10th house is opposite the 4th house, and it is a Southern part of the Zodiac wheel, located at the top. The 10th house governs the career and profession, social standing, material success and position, achievement, attitude towards responsibility, paternal figures, reputation, authority figures, how we carve out an identity for ourselves, contribution to society and desire to progress. Its original sign is Capricorn, and a planetary ruler is Saturn.

The Eleventh House

This house describes his friends, his protectors, and the native’s projects. The 11th house is connected to all types of humanitarian topics. It also explains the nature of his group activities, organizations, hopes, wishes, aspirations, personal goal, surprises events and friend’s life. The natural sign of the 11th house is Aquarius, and its planetary ruler is Uranus.

The Twelfth House

The 12th house is the last house of the zodiac wheel, and zodiac wheel is completed with 12th house. The 12th house covers the last stage of native’s inner life, tying up loose ends, the afterlife, surrender and old age. It’s also connected with separation from society, jails, secret enemies, institutions, hidden agendas, and hospitals. The 12th house rules the imagination, arts, film, dance, poetry, creativity, journals and the subconscious mind. Its original sign of the zodiac is Pisces, and planetary ruler is Neptune.


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