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11 Steps to Select Art for Your Home

11 Steps to Select Art for Your Home

Art Work-Interior Decoration

Instructions for Artwork

Empty walls leave a depressing impression on its viewer. Before you buy and hang art pieces on your walls, you should know how to display them. The following mentioned tips and tricks can help you to give a perfect look to your room. choose the alluring art for your home.

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Use of Common Art Work

Do not feel like that art pieces are to be expensive to be hung on the wall. Collect the art work made by your pics or hang the family pictures and memories. You can also select some mount pieces of wallpapers and fabrics.

Way of Display

Art Work-Interior Decoration

Do experiments with the display of your own pictures on the wall. Use you wall as showcase for your pictures. Display them by using different artist tricks and techniques.

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Display at Appropriate Height

Do not display your art pieces too high for viewer to see it properly. Make sure that the center of the art piece you are going to display should be to the height of five feet or to the eye-level.

Display in Every Room

Do hang art work in every room of the house. Do not forget to display in your dining room, mudroom and bathroom.

Perfect Size

Do not display something on the wall that does not suit it. Make sure the piece is perfect to the size of the wall. Like do not place small pieces on a big wall.

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Use of Hooks


Do prefer picture-hanging hooks rather than nails and screws. Use two hooks for each piece because they will help the picture to remain leveled.

Perfect Placement

Do not display art pieces on your own. It is better to have two people to make sure that the picture is displayed in its perfect place. Like one hold it up in its place and the other make sure about its placement.

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Create a Connection

Do create a sense and connection between all the pieces you hang in one room.

Maintain the Distance

Do not create a huge distance between the pieces you display on each wall of the room. If you want to display more than one piece on a wall, a distance of approximately of two inches is enough on either side (left, right, above or below).

Make a Sense

Art Work-Interior Decoration

Do make an image of the wall in your mind with the pieces you wanted to display on that specific wall. Place them on the floor in front of the wall according to your imagination and change the place of the pieces to see what look more perfect. Do not ignore the point of maintaining the balance between the art work.

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Make a Blend

Do not hang all large pieces on one and the smaller on the other. Same technique should be applied on similar frames. Try to blend things until it makes you feel satisfied.

I hope these instructions related to the display of art work will help you make your house look stylish and attractive. Good Luck!

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