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11 Celebrity Mother-Daughter Look-Alikes

11 Celebrity Mother-Daughter Look-Alikes

11 Celebrity Mother-Daughter Look-Alikes

A kid resembles with his parents, but here I will tell you about celebrity children who resembles with their parents. Here are 11 celebrity mother-daughter Look-alikes. Let’s know about these stars and their daughters.

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Gwyneth & Apple

11 Celebrity Mother-Daughter Look-Alikes

It looks like of Paltrow’s” good looks,” pretty eyes, nose and cheeks were cut from her and passed onto her daughter both resembles amazingly. Gwyneth is a great celebrity and actor she is beautiful and her daughter is also gorgeous just like her.

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Rumer & Demi

11 Celebrity Mother-Daughter Look-Alikes

Yes, they resemble amazingly.Both mother and daughter are looking just same their figure, face, skin tone, features and overall personality is looking just same, and also, hey are looking very cute and attractive.

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Ava & Reese

11 Celebrity Mother-Daughter Look-Alikes

Witherspoon is a great celebrity her daughter Ava have blue hair though, but they look like the same twins at the premiere of Hot Pursuit in this sweet selfie which the great actress posted on Instagram. Both are looking so cute and lovely; her daughter is really soft and beautiful.

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Jessica & Maxwell Drew

11 Celebrity Mother-Daughter Look-Alikes

Jessica is a great celebrity and also very cute her daughter looks same like her she is also gorgeous and attractive lie her mother.

Christie & Sailor

11 Celebrity Mother-Daughter Look-Alikes

Both beauties mother and daughter has Blond waves? Beautiful eyes? Killer smiles? Just make them same they look amazingly same and also very cute and gorgeous they are.

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Kim & Ireland

11 Celebrity Mother-Daughter Look-Alikes

One more winning mother-daughter looks just same and gorgeous.They look very cute and smart and amazingly same.

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Katie & Suri

KATIE Holmes is an excellent and a gorgeous celebrity and her 9-year-old daughter not only looks the same, but they also have the similar accurate interests: fashion, playing with confetti and indulging in other activities.

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Angelina & Shiloh

11 Celebrity Mother-Daughter Look-Alikes

One of the most stylish and leading actresses of Hollywood, Angelina Jolie is known for her hits like Changeling and Slat. In addition to her work, she is also famous for her relation with Hollywood famous actor-Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie is born in Los Angeles California on 4th of June, 1975. Both mother and daughter have Round blue eyes, fair skin and a strong sense of independence – Shiloh is just like her mother breathtaking and smart.

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Beyonce & Blue Ivy

11 Celebrity Mother-Daughter Look-Alikes

Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter was born on 4 September 1981 in Houston Texas. She is a famous American singer, actress and songwriter. She is very beautiful and stunning lady. She has taken part in many dancing and singing compaction. He most song base is based on relationshiplovewomen beauty, sex, and about marriage life. Her daughter just looks like her as the picture speaks for itself.

Violet Madison & Christina

11 Celebrity Mother-Daughter Look-Alikes

Bothe are looking same and gorgeous as the picture is telling you their features and personality is liking just like same.

Goldie & Kate

11 Celebrity Mother-Daughter Look-Alikes

Goldie  is a great celebrity, she is s a great actress and also very pretty. Her daughter just looks like her both looks very cute and young they also sport each other a lot.

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