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10 Ways You Might Be Showering Wrong

10 Ways You Might Be Showering Wrong

Taking a shower is one of the simplest ways to pamper yourself before you start the day and give yourself a soothing “me time” before going to bed. However, there are certain mistakes you commit while taking a shower. The problem here is these small, careless mistakes can take a toll on your hair, face, and body, and you’re not aware of them.

So you think you can shower? Well, this might be a silly question to ask but yes, there are a lot of people are doing this everyday routine the wrong way. Listed below are just ten of the most common shower mistakes you might be guilty of. Here are some showering mistakes we mostly do.

1. The Water is Too Hot

Water is Too Hot

Bathing in warm water during the freezing season is one of the simplest ways to pamper yourself. You just have to go easy on hot water since it dries up your skin and hair, making the skin flaky and the latter frizzy. Hot water strips the outermost layer of the epidermis and deprives your skin of natural oils and lipids which trap water to make the skin moist. If you can’t bear the cold water, try to limit the time you use warm water. Once your skin starts to turn red and itchy, it’s an indication to get out of the shower.

2. Exfoliating Too Much

Exfoliated Stone

When you exfoliate, dead skin cells are removed, causing the skin to be cleaner and smoother. All things, however, can be harmful when done in the extreme. Scrubbing too hard and exfoliating every day, may cause your skin to produce more sebum, the oily substance which traps bacteria and dirt and keeps the skin moisturized. What’s so dangerous about that? The more you scrub and produce more sebum, the oilier your skin can get and the higher chance you’ll get acne. So go easy on your scrub, especially on your face.

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3. Skipping the Initial Rinse

Salt in Bathtub

Most people disregard the importance of initial rinsing and are satisfied by merely getting their heads wet so they can apply shampoo. Initial rinse, however, should never be hurried since it removes some of the build-up dirt and hair product residues. Try to give your hair at least a minute of initial rinsing before washing with shampoo or conditioner.

4. Using Shampoo Everyday

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It may be hard to comprehend but skipping a day of shampooing is better that washing your hair with shampoo every single day. The shampoo is a detergent that strips your hair of its natural oils and dries it up. Foaming agents in shampoo may also irritate your scalp and make your hair not as healthy as it used to be.

Help yourself by limiting your shampoo use every other day or thrice a week and just rinse with water to remove grime that accumulates in your head. You can also use conditioner every other day as an alternative to harsh shampooing.

5. Applying Lotion on Dry Skin

Front view portrait of a woman applying sun cream to her face

Most of us wait for the skin to dry up before applying the cream. However, experts claim that the best time to moisturize is as soon as you finish patting dry. Lotion soaks into the skin when it’s a little damp, and you’ll retain skin moisture if you moisturize before the liquid evaporates. Try the 3-minute rule, where you don’t wait any longer than three minutes before applying your lotion.

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6. Washing Your Hair Without Combing It First

Use of Hair Brush

Just woke up? Well, never step into the shower with your hair tangled up. Manage to give your hair a quick comb through before showering to avoid breakage. Hair is weaker and is more prone to tangling and damage when wet. If your hair is prone to breakage and tangles, use conditioner then untangles your hair strands with your finger and rinse thoroughly. Use a wide-toothed comb gently to avoid further damage.

7. Not Removing Makeup Beforehand


Removing your makeup using a regular facial wash and cleanser is one of the mistakes most lazy heads are guilty of. Your face’s skin is very delicate and a lot of cleansers, which aren’t intended for makeup removal, won’t give your face any justice. You may end up with cosmetic residues, clogging your pores and giving you blemishes and irritation in the morning. So if you’re always wearing makeup, make legit makeup removers part of your daily kit and use them before washing your face.

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8. Wiping Harshly With Towel

Dry Your Feet with towel

Go easy on yourself after getting out of the shower and refrain your harshly rubbing your hair, face, and body with your towel to dry. Severe wiping can lead to skin dryness and irritation as well as hair follicle damage. It will be safer to pat yourself dry instead of rubbing.

9. Making the Turban Habit With Your Towel

Towel Dried Hair

Do you wrap your hair up in a towel? When you think of someone who just stepped out of the shower, this is the first image that might come to mind. The problem with this common, turban habit is the weight of the towel is pulling at your roots, causing breakage and leading to short baby hairs around your hairline. Wrap your hair as it is hanging down. Then blot dries as much as you can and shake out the strands with your fingers to speed up drying.

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10. Shaving Your Legs First

Shaving Your Legs First

Aside from varicose veins, unwanted hair growth on legs messes up with your confidence away. However, getting rid of them should take more time and patience. If you’re in a rush for your dinner date, it’s better not to shave your legs at all than shaving them first before wetting them in the shower. Making the bad habit often can cause ingrown hairs and skin irritation. Your skin needs a little preparation before shaving.

To get smoother legs, wait at least 15 minutes after the heat from the shower steam opens up your pores and softens hair. Don’t forget to use a gentle exfoliator or even a face scrub to help get rid of dead skin and promote a smoother shave.

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