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10 Types of Boyfriends You Dated in High School

10 Types of Boyfriends You Dated in High School

10 Types of Boyfriends You Dated in High School

High school boyfriends are so different from the others. They are in several types, and each type is different from other. They have some great stuff for fun, passion, love. In high school, the majority of us had our type. Maybe it was the sportsperson, the prom king, or the sensitive, shy man no one else looked to pay concentration to. We’ve seen all these kinds on the large screen — and they all occur to be hot! I’ve rounded up some the mainly iconic high school boyfriends as of the movies and desire you to weigh in on whether or not you would have been boy passionate for them rear in the day. It’s the wonderful way to find the back-to-school courage. Here are 10 Types of Boyfriends You Dated in High School.

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1. The Rebel

Hadsom boy

Rebel boy is so different from other and tough to manage as a boyfriend, but it has a lot of fun for you every ever every time. In 10 Things I Hate About You, Patrick Verona is the outcast on university grounds which don’t desire to play via the rules. But in spite of his dark persona and terrible temper, you recognize you can obtain his softer region to come out. Was that your kind?

2. The Hottie

Hadsom boy

Hottie boys always remain dream boyfriends for every girl. Admired, elegant looking, and through a name like Jake Ryan, this 16 Candles character is the guy every girl desires for her 16th birthday. Did you love the conventional cuties?

3. The Older Guy

Hadsom boy

Twilight‘s Edward Cullen is the mystifying older guy within high school whose insinuation of danger creates him striking. He also has an overprotective line to him. Sound similar to your kind?

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4. The Sensitive Guy

Hadsom boy

Sensitive boys are the true lovers and have real emotions. An average student and hopeful kickboxer, Lloyd Dobler as of Say Anything . . . is lovable, yet inexperienced when it arrives to love. Did you depart meant for the sensitive boys?

5. The Troublemaker

Hadsom boy

Flashy Ferris is never frightened to live in the frame of high school because he recognizes his charisma will obtain him out of no matter which, be it missing class or theft your parents’ luxurious car. Did you love the troublemaker?

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6. The Nice Guy

Hadsom boy

These guys are so simple and attractive. He’s a type of a pushover and just a tiny bit clueless (how could he not know Regina was cheating on him?), but you have to confess Aaron Samuels as of Mean Girls was a darling — and hot, to boot. Did you date first-class boys similar to him?

7. The Stud

Hadsom boy


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In The Virgin Suicides, Trip Fontaine is the heartthrob on campus who goes quickly when it approaches to hooking up. He’s not so worried regarding school, as an alternative, he takes pleasure in having fun plus smoking pot. Sound well-known?

8. The Jerk

Hadsom boy

These boys are much unexpected, heartbreaker and good looking. Mike Dexter is an apex jock as well as the heartbreaker who have skated by on his distinctive looks in Can Hardly Wait. Did you love for these bad-news boys?

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9. The Prom King

Hadsom boy

Soccer star, college president, reputation student, plus prom king, Zach Siler has it, everyone. But in She’s All That, he hangs out with some jerks who influence him to play through the emotions of the school’s faultily disguised dork. Did you depart for the admired guy with unlucky friends?

10. The Soul Mate

Hadsom boy

These boys made for just love and care. In Clueless, Dionne plus Murray are also struggled or making out, but they’re eternally by each other’s sides. Did you contain a high school boyfriend similar to that?

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