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10 Top Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

10 Top Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

Advancements in technology have made the world extra beautiful and suitable place to live in. There is no rejecting of how they make lives better and cooler, especially in the fields of medicine, education, and science. But like other things, some advantages and disadvantages of technology also have. In fact, some of the more recent creations are now being branded as lazy as aids and are wary major contributors of plumpness and a commonly unhealthy populace.

Furthermore, you can see the benefits of technology in education which determined the school system more advanced. However, appropriate app of technology addition guides students towards greater sympathetic of all thoughts covered in class. Despite, how far technology has reserved humans and no matter how appropriate it may make things, here are some demerits of technology supplementary this level of access.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

Top 10 Advantages of Technology

1. Increased Food Output

We all depend on food for the living. With different methods and systems of cultivation, human-beings are capable of increasing food production. The advancement in the agriculture technologies has helped to cultivate lands that were otherwise well-thought-out sterile. All the farm equipment such as tractor helps the people in his farming in the agricultural sector.

2. Great Discoveries in Industries

The modern technology shows people more efficient way to do things and get more beneficial results. In the education field, you have seen advancement by the technology advances of computers. Due to the computer students are talented to learn on a global scale without eternally leaving their classrooms.

Agricultural procedures that once required dozens upon dozens of human labors can now be mechanical. This happens due to the advancement in technology, which involves cost-efficiency for farmers. Medical discoveries happen at a much more rapid rate, thanks to technologies and computers that aid in the research development and permit for more real educational research into medical materials.

3. Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency is one of the demerits of technology in some ways and disadvantaged in others. As technology develops on current processes and settings new ways to achieve responsibilities, machines can harvest the same – output than humans in convinced industries. This output in cost saving for industry owners, allowing them to spend in development in other areas of the business, which underwrites on an optimistic level to the economy as a whole.

4. Comfort

Technology has offered human life more comfortable and easier. Everything we can see in our daily life and use them all is the gift of technology. The house we live, the clothes we wear, the mobile phone we carry, the car we travel, the bridge and flyovers, and the fan, etc. are all things of successful execution of technology.

5. Better Utilization of Resources

Advanced equipment and tools have facilitated us to utilize the natural resources at the finest level. The irrigation technologies have allowed us to make the proper operation of water supply in the field of agriculture. All the power plants such as Thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, and Hyde power plants, etc. uses natural resources to generate power.

6. Business Growth

In the business field you have seen positive impacts of technology, which involving selling; marketing, manufacturing, selling, and recording, etc. Technology has impressed almost every circle of business activities. Business needs to make the wide variety of mathematical calculations for different purposes such as counting, profit, and estimation cost, etc. The development of eCommerce business is an excellent example of how information technology can advantage our life.

7. Ease in Travelling

The development of wheel is possibly the most important technological detection in human history. Vehicles, trains, etc. are motorized by engine and course on wheels.

8. Healthcare

Technology plays a significant role in the healthcare industry. The more advanced different diagnostic tools or health care apps such as x-ray machines, glucose level measuring device, and blood pressure monitoring machine, etc. has made possible correct diagnosis of correlated health issues.

9. Improved Communication

Internet, smartphone, email, printing press and other communication technologies have facilitated us to talk on the world scale.

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10. Emerging Technologies

Information Technology, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies are most popular emerging technology branches of modern times. The invention of internet, computers, and smartphone, etc. has deep impression on ordinary people.

Disadvantages of Technology

1. Pollution

Too much use of advanced technology has resulted in an increase in waste products into the environment and a big way of contamination. The discharge of industrial wastes into the atmosphere diminishes the quality of soil, air, water, etc. The automobile release is among the leading causes of air pollution.

2. Production of Unwanted Products

Modern technology is also a significant source of unwanted output and demand of goods.

3. Wastage of Time in Non-Productive Activities

Some people waste a lot of time and energy in performing non-beneficial activities. As internet technology has allowed people to browse the internet for information. But some of them get habituated to internet activities such as browsing, gaming, or Facebook, etc.

4. Excessive Dependency

People are excessively dependent on new gifts of technologies such as cars, smartphones, and computers, etc. they feel helpless if any of these industrial equipment technologies or tools fails to perform. We have approved technology in our life to a level that it is unbearable to think of execution our day-to-day chores without the help of technology.

The advantages and disadvantages of technology integration described above should convince. It has the facts on education to industry level and these are ideal for both students and business persons.

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