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10 Superstitious Performers of Hollywood

10 Superstitious Performers of Hollywood

Superstitious Performers of Hollywood

It is a type of dread and be short of consideration that develops to superstitions in the mind of a human being. Superstitions are just petite thinking that people like to hold on to, hoping against hopes that they can ward off bad luck or attract good luck. Actors and performers are frequently wedged with some superstition or the other. Here are ten superstitious performers of Hollywood. Let’s know about them.

1o. Rainn Wilson

10 Superstitious Performers of Hollywood

This amazing and great actor is very famous. The performer of ‘The Office’ celebrity is an eminent name on the stage. The actor is very talented while relies on an age-old superstitious rule in a theatre that everyone who comes from theatre seem to go after. He avoids doing from using the word Macbeth in the theatre, like most other stage performers. He also has a cause to trust this. He once said the word, and a light fell from the ceiling and trodden his foot.

9. David Annable

10 Superstitious Performers of Hollywood

David is a great celebrity and superstitious performer, he said in a meeting that he thought about superstitious about accidental things. In fact, he has a right concerning the coffee that he drinks each morning. He starts him every day with two Splendas, and he wants to have the cap deliberate with the black line in it.  It is this borderline OCD ritual that he knows to be strange, yet he gives in to it as it makes him feel very good.

8. Cameron Diaz

Hollywooda sexiest actresses

Many of the people name Cameron Diaz to be a woman of tranquil nature, as others name her a civil and welcoming woman. Cameron is one of the top well-known, well versed and beautiful Hollywood sexiest actresses of USA. She is a great superstitious performer of Hollywood; she has been recognised to admit the process of ageing quite elegantly. But, that doesn’t stop her from believing in some luck to keep her from ageing. She wears to ward off the effects of age. She has other superstitions like knocking on the door. She keeps herself from some very common ones like fearing Friday the 13th or black cats.

7. Heidi Klum

10 Superstitious Performers of Hollywood

Heidi Klum is one of the best celebrity and model of Hollywood and great superstitious performer, everyone really like her acting, she has strange lucky charm as a bag of her baby teeth. She carries them along but like better to put them under wraps. As to show somebody, she falls it, and it went beneath her seat on the flight. She had to get a help of a quite confused flight assistant to get it, as it would be unlucky to leave it on the plane. Although the teeth have worked, her selection to use four-leaf clover as the sign of her exquisite jewellery designs brought nothing but ill luck to her business.

6. Paris Hilton

10 Superstitious Performers of Hollywood

Paris Hilton is a great Hollywood actress and also the great superstitious actor, I like her acting. She has few superstitions, the mainly ordinary being a knock on the wood to ward off something that somebody might have said from happening, she might need to wish or knock harder since it is fairly obvious that these aren’t working for her.

5. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston was born in 1969; she is one of very famous Hollywood sexiest actresses. In spite of the reality that she is at the present not too young to be cast for the guide role of fine budgeted Hollywood cinema, Jennifer is still attractive and younger looking to create the people wild about her loveliness. She is a great superstitious performer, When she walks on an aeroplane, she makes certain that she put out with her right foot first. She also valves the outer surface of the plane. She has for all time done this for good fortune. She was recommended to do this by somebody and doesn’t keep in mind who it was or when she heard it. But, the practice became her habit, and she has always done it this way.

4. Kristin Chenoweth

10 Superstitious Performers of Hollywood

Kristin is a great Hollywood celebrity and supersites performer, whose ability appears by her great  acting and singing in movies, TV and musical theatres, might be a daring performer on the stage, and may never show any sign of stage fright, but before she steps out onto the stage, she makes certain to say her prayers, so that she can keep the stage lights from falling upon her. Moreover, she also trusts in the superstition of not walking beneath a ladder. It shows that Kristin has a fear of things falling on her.

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3. James McAvoy

10 Superstitious Performers of Hollywood

Great Scottish actor James McAvoy is a very famous star and superstitious performer, he is too frightened to mess around when he is dealing with superstitions. Particularly when it comes to the ones that he has learnt from his grandmother, he makes certain that he sticks to them. For example, on the first of each month, he has to say ‘White Rabbit’ to the human being he looks first. He trusts that in doing so, he makes sure that good luck develops. It was his grandmother who taught him this, and he severely follows.

2. Patrick Dempsey

10 Superstitious Performers of Hollywood

Patrick Dempsey is a great superstitious performer, he is rather a daring person, and has an obsession for auto racing. He has a pair of red Puma racing shoes, and he is extremely in love with them. But, it is more than just love. He believes the pair his lucky charm, and hence, takes them all over the place.

1. Christian Bale

10 Superstitious Performers of Hollywood

Christian Bale is a great superstitious performer. He was born on 30 January 1974.He is well-known and very talented an English actor. He has started his career from much hit films and minor projects from self-governing filmmakers and art houses. Christian’s superstitions are mutinous and rebellious. He tries to break all traditional rules to tempt fate. For example, if there is a ladder, he will intentionally select to walk under it. He thinks that he can incite superstitions in this way.

Many others are relatively superstitious, like Natalie Portman, who declined to do anything associated with the birth of her baby until its birth, are frequently seen to have such beliefs.

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