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10 Simple and Modern Bathroom Interiors

10 Simple and Modern Bathroom Interiors

10 Simple and Modern Bathroom Interiors

Bathroom design or remodeling may seem a difficult task, especially if the room in question is not the size of an airfield. Contemporary designs revolve around three main concepts you need to keep in mind to create an oasis of comfort and elegance in a straightforward and modern way: use of geometric shapes, clean lines, and minimal colors.

This interior decoration triad helps you achieve a clean and neat look in your bathroom and pull off some exquisite supplementary designs. Today we will talk about ten straightforward and modern bathroom interiors that don’t need a lot of work, but just a bit of imagination.

1. The Minimalist Bathroom

The Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalism is a trend that took over interior designing and is still increasingly popular. To pull off a luxurious minimalist design in your bathroom use built-in shelving and cabinetry to hide all your toiletry. Use neutral colors in white, gray, shades of pale blue, and mix them with stainless steel fixtures and faucets. Make sure the room is clutter free and has a feel of openness to it.

2. The Organic Bathroom

The Organic Bathroom

To add character and an organic feel to a bathroom, place small white flower pots and vases here and there. This design works best if your main bathroom color is white or sporting natural wood hues and tones. Green plants and flowers resilient to heat will turn your bathroom into a luscious spa, especially if you add some thick, soft fuzzy towels and bathrobes.

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3. The Museum Bathroom

The Museum Bathroom

One of the simplest ways to decorate a bathroom in a modern and innovative manner is to use contemporary art designs. Frame photos, colorful paintings, abstract drawings and even modern and vintage posters in square shaped frames, all painted in the same color. You should use white for the art frames to make the actual art pop. Hang them in a compact cluster on an empty bathroom wall and make sure you match the color scheme so the room doesn’t look crowded and dazzling.

4. The Mirror Bathroom

The Mirror Bathroom

This is an edgier design, but it works great in small bathrooms that benefit from little white. You can cover a wall in a floor-to- ceiling mirror, or you can place a large vintage carved wooden sunburst wall mirror on the wall to create a focal point and let the mirror gain that illusion of space and light it needs so much. Such interior decoration asks for neutral colors of tiles and smooth surfaces to boost the bathroom’s looks.

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5. The Rustic Bathroom

The Rustic Bathroom

When you think about rustic, you think about wooden furniture and wood-imitating floor tiles, but you can achieve a rustic design with other elements as well. You can place a vintage hand-painted chair in a corner or use rattan baskets to store your toiletries and towels. Open floating shelves can create a rustic look if you put baskets for storage or add a lovely vase with dry flowers. A handmade rug or a wooden framed vintage mirror can complete the look in no time.

6. The Glass Bathroom

The Glass Bathroom

Nothing says “modern” and “simple” like glass elements do. Remember that contemporary design is all about sharp edges, clean lines, and straight forms, so you can easily incorporate glass and steel elements in the décor, no matter what your primary color scheme is. This combination is great if you are aiming to recreate a classy vintage interior design look for your home, but also add a modern touch to it. A glass sink, a glass shower cabin, glass shelves below the mirror or floating in the walls give your bathroom an exquisite luxurious design while letting it “breathe” and look more spacious and cleaner.

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7. The Monochrome Bathroom

The Monochrome Bathroom

This may be a bold move, but it makes an exquisite simple choice: pick tiles for the floor and walls in the same color or pattern and cover everything (except for the ceiling) in them. It is recommended to use small tiles looking like a mosaic and find the primary color scheme to play with. The sink, bathtub, toilet bowl should be white for contrast, and the fixtures and plumbing should feature steel hues.

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8. The 3D Bathroom

The 3D Bathroom

Modern technology can be featured in your bathroom as well if you go one step further and decorate a wall or even the floor with a 3D photo wallpaper. Some of the best designs for levels are the ones simulating a beach washed by gentle waves or a deep ocean landscape with vegetation and exotic fish. This is entirely up to you, but 3D photo wallpaper is the next big thing in innovative remodeling trends. For a wall cover, you can use a natural landscape that speaks of relaxation and comfort or an urban landscape to play the right contemporary card.

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9. The Immortal White-Black- Gold Triangle

The Immortal White-Black- Gold Triangle


A white, black and gold color scheme is not new, but with today’s modern designs and accessories, it skyrockets when it comes to bathrooms. You already have the white of your bathroom installations so that you can mix some black tiles or even accent black wallpaper on the inside. When it comes to golden hues, pick your faucets and fixtures in a dark, thick and luxurious shade of golden or bronze even to add a feeling of Parisian royalty to your apartment.

10. The Smart Bathroom

The Smart Bathroom

When you think “modern,” you have to feel “smart.” This means a nice looking bathroom can go beyond colors, contrasts, depths and designs to look and feel great. You can turn it into a luxurious modern spa while benefitting from the quick installations of today: radiant floor heating, lighting systems with sensors, LED lighting, thermostats, a Jacuzzi style bathtub, a water massage system in your shower cabin, heating supports for towels and bathrobes, music players and so on.

What bathroom interior ideas appeal to you the most? Are some matching your views on simplicity and elegance, or do you have other suggestions to share with us?

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