11 Most Expensive Dresses in the World Till 2015

11 Most Expensive Dresses in the World Till 2015

From time to time, have you ever heard about dresses costs it can be hundreds and thousands $. There is some news from dresses costs which you read; you must surprise at first glance. Before you read some news related to most expensive Cars, diamond rings, expensive house etc, but today I share with you 11 Most Expensive Dresses in the World Till 2015 with Casts. First up and read it…

1 # Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur — $30 Million

Nightingale Dress of Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur dress is the most expensive dress in the world at that time; its estimated prices $30 million. Faiyzali Abdullah is designer of this night dress, for her making he is used different expensive materials. Which things making it more expensive are its featured, pear shaped diamond, taffeta, chiffon, silk, stain and Swarovski crystals. In 2009, this dress is used first at the time of “Stylo Fashion Grand Prix KL” festival.

2 # “Abaya” dress by Debbie Wingham — $17.6 Million

Most Expensive Abaya

Second most expensive dress is a Muslim dress named “Abaya” – prices $ 17.6 million. Debbie Wingham is one f the most fame designer of British; he designed this Muslim dress “Abaya” in Dubai. More than 2000 white, black and red expensive diamonds are used for the decoration of this Black Muslim Dress. Another expensive feature of this dress is that the designer use 14 carat gold in its decoration.

3 # Diamond Dress by Scott Henshall — $9 Million

Scott Henshall Diamond Dress

The cost of this dress is estimated in the most world is $9 million; more than 3000 diamonds are used in its making. This dress shape is web its weight is very light and worn by one of the fashionable singer Samantha at the Premiere of “Spider Man” film in the year 2004.

4 # Black Diamond Dress by Debbie Wingham — $5.5 Million

Black Diamond Dress

Debbie Wingham is a famous British fashion designer he designed this dress and was presented at “Kiev’s Fashion Show”— 1,000 white and black diamonds are used in its making, after half year it is completed and its weight is 29 pounds and its selling price is $5.5 Million.

5 # Expensive Dress of Maria Grachvogel — $1.8 Million

Maria Grachvogel Dress

For the making of this costly dress is using more than 2000 diamonds which made this dress as costly one. This red color most expensive dress estimated cost is $1.8 million and worn by first time Maria Grachvogel’s a fashion show. Almost everyone well-liked dress design which appeared in the show.

6 # Naomi Watts “The Diamond Dress” — $1.5 Million

The Diamond Dress

This gown style dress was made by Neil Lane and Armani Prive with diamond and they worked 2 months on this precious dress making. First time wore Naomi Watts actress on Oscars Event, price of this costly dress is $1.5 million.

7 # “Happy Birthday’s” dress of Marilyn Monroe— $1.3 Million

Happy Birth Day Dress

Happy birthday dress is the first most expensive dress which has prices more than 1 million dollars. Its determined cost is $12,000 but now its selling price is $1.3 million. In 1961 an American designer his named was Jean Louis Berthaulto was designed this dress, which was made by using diamond sparkle sequins. This dress was especially made for Marilyn Monroe to attend the President John F. Kennedy birthday party.

8 # “Gold Coin’s” dress by Ginza Tanaka — $267,948

Gold Austrialia Coin Dress

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This precious dress designer is one of the most famous Japanese jewelers his named was Ginza Tanaka. On making of this dress used more than 15,000 gold Australian coins, due to coins its weight increase 10 kilograms – cost is $267,948, this dress wore first at “Fashion week” in Tokyo in 2007.

9 # Ginza Tanaka’s Golden Evening Dress — $245,000

Golden Wire Dress

This is the 2nd most precious dress of Ginza Tanaka; this stylish and attractive dress is made by gold wires. Its estimated price is $245,000 and its weight is 1.1 kilogram. This traditional dress is admired each and every woman.

10 # “Dirndl Dress” of Swarovski — $127,000

Dirndl Dress by Swarovski

This is a Germany Swarovski crystals dirndl dress, its cost is $127,000. In 2006, it comes in the sight in Munich City of Germany. Its designer was Medieval and it inspired many great people with the amazing crystal work. Every woman will have desire to wear it one time in her life.

11 # Princess Diana Dress — $125,000

Diana Precious Dress

This dress was designed by one of the most excel and fashion leading designer in the world Catherine Walker for Princess Diana. He is a personal designer of Princess Diana and made many stylish and attractive dresses for Diana. This dress estimated cast is around to $125,000; most expensive thing which is used in this dress is silk chiffon. Princess Diana wore this precious dress only two time, 1st time in 1989 at “Miss Saigon” event and 2nd time in 1997 at “Cannes Film Festival”.

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