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10 Most Attractive Women Lawyers

10 Most Attractive Women Lawyers

Multi-million women are working as lawyers in the world. But we are exploring just those lawyers women name that is most attractive. The most attractive women Lawyers list is described below. Which names are taken the place of this list you can see after scroll down? Let’s move and enjoy the most prominent and beautiful female lawyers.

1- Natalia Poklonskaya – Ukraine

Natalia Poklonskaya

Natalia Poklonskaya is the Attorney General of the Republic of Crimea. She was born March 18, 1980, and now she is 36 years old and also prime minister of Sergey Aksyonov. She took her graduate degree from the University of Internal Affairs in Yevpatoria in 2002.

After the study, she started practice in the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office. From 2002 to 2014, Ukraine public service provided to Natalia Poklonskaya as an attorney. She is working in different Prosecutor’s Office or as an Assistant District lawyer.

During 2014, she resigned from Ukraine public service and was appointed Prosecutor General of Crimea on 11 March 2014 and day that she becomes an internet phenomenon due to that press conference, she was given.

2- Shaheed Fatima – Landon

Shaheed Fatima

Shaheed Fatima gets the second number in our most attractive women lawyers in the world with the calm smile, beautiful dimple, and breathtaking lovely eyes.

She is a Barrister at Blackstone Chambers, Landon. Fatima got her graduate degree from the University of Glasgow, BCL degree from Oxford and had an LLM from Harvard. She is a brilliant barrister.

She handles and solved very complex issues easily and with simple solutions. Her work is very impressive and meticulous. Fatima is a real authority on international law. She was awarded the Human Rights Lawyers of the Year, in 2007. She received this award for her remarkable work, consistent arguments, brilliant analysis and commitment in debating human rights Cases before both the European and the British courts.

3- Amal Alamuddin – London

Amal Alamuddin

Beautiful Miss Amal Alamuddin is represented the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and in his fight against extradition. She is a London-based, British-Lebanese lawyer specializing in human rights, extradition, criminal law and international law.

She is a Doughty Street Chambers’ barrister and has represented customers in cases before the ICC, the European Court of individual rights, and the International Court of Justice, also in domestic courts in the U.K and the USA.

4- Julie Celum – Dallas Texas

Julie Celum

Julie Celum is an attorney and an experienced litigator. She obtained her B.S degree from Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi and JD degree from the St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas.

In 2001, Julie became a licensed exclusive rights attorney and an attorney licensed by the State Bar of Texas. She is the member of the Texas Bar Association and Dallas Bar Association. She now runs a successful her Dallas Texas based “Celum Law Firm”.

5- Camellia Jacobs – Washington

Camellia Jacobs

Camellia Jacobs is a highly experienced litigator, Collaborative Law Practitioner, and Trained Mediator. She educates and informs her clients not only on the substantive law that applies to their situation, and in some case of processes they are obtainable to them in resolving their legal issues.

She is a fair-minded, conscientious and highly skilled lawyer who understands the details of the family law. She is the founder of Jacobs Mediation LLC; she started her career as a civil trial lawyer and neglect cases in the trial courts of the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. She is an Adjunct Professor at American University, Washington College of Law from where she graduates.

6- Laura Bell – UK

Laura Bell

Laura Bell is very attractive with her big brown eyes, warm smile and handsome looks. She could give as a gorgeous variant of the gentle school teacher. She has been described as a ‘Leader in the field’ for employment in the 2014 edition of Chambers UK Bar Directory. Laura is a client friendly and easy to get barrister.

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7- Mika Mayer – UK

Mika Reiner Mayer

She is a partner at Morrison & Foerster LLP where she practices exclusive rights law in the medical piece of equipment and drug liberation fields. Mika is the youngest and beautiful female ever to make partner at Morrison & Foerster.

Mika is one of the most wanted after official document lawyers. She earned her graduation degree from Boston University School of Law. She is well-known as a ‘Rising Star’ by Super Lawyers.

8- Rachael O’Hagan – UK

Rachael O’Hagan

She specializes in assembly, technology, engineering and commercial arguments. She is represented by a barrister who is responsive to the clients’ needs and understands the matters straight away.

Rachael is a required-after junior who has concrete experience in creation litigation. She acts in complex high-value commercial cases and edifice and is familiar with different outward appearances of the commercial difference of opinion declaration.

9- Cativa Saravia – San Fransico

Cativa Saravia

Cativa is another member of title “Rising Star” and she is the super lawyers by the Northern California. She is an associate with the qualifications of handling hundreds of multifaceted cases to achievement. In 2010, she was nominated for Attorney of the Year through Consumer Attorneys of California. She was nominated for Woman Trial Lawyers of the Year due to the Parken v. Smart-Vasquez case, in 2011.

10- Justine Thornton – British

Justine Thornton

Justine is a British barrister and the present Leader of the Labour Party. She earned the law degree at Robinson College, Cambridge and completed her graduation in 1992. In 2000 to 2005, Justine was appointed as an adviser to the British Government on biotechnology and the environment. Later that she was selected to the Attorney General’s C Panel and is the best advocate with a fierce intellect.

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