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10 Luxury and Passport-Free Honeymoon Destinations

10 Luxury and Passport-Free Honeymoon Destinations

Passport-Free Honeymoon Destinations

Every newly married couple knows that planning the honeymoon is one of the essential parts of the wedding planning progression. A honeymoon is the best chance, after the craziness of the wedding, to take rest and some moment of soak in your new marriage. Some of the newlywed couples look for private islands in the Indian Ocean, or the Caribbean and others are now looking near to home. There are a top 10 passport-free honeymoon destinations in the US. Besides of using a full day on a flight for your honeymoon, add these nearby, luxury possibilities to your honeymoon.

You feel stable when you are surrounded by water, its calming waves, and your husband. But if you don’t have the time or money to fly across the world beaches, you can visit the affordable honeymoon destinations. These are plenty of fantastic and cheap honeymoon destinations that are closer to your home and no need passport. Here are a few of our favorites.

10 Luxury and Passport-Free Honeymoon Destinations

1- For the Caribbean in your Backyard – Dorado, Puerto Rico

Dorado Puerto Rico Passport-Free Honeymoon Destinations

For newlywed couples who want a Caribbean honeymoon experience, America’s Caribbean, Puerto Rico, has the teal waters and relaxed culture without the customs line. A Ritz Carlton Reserve and Dorado are the favorites and best beaches for the honeymoon. Many rooms are available on beach or oceanfront with private plunge pools. Resorts meant to be integrated into their atmosphere. You can enjoy your honeymoon with great food, an excessive amount of care, and elaborate pools for each guest.

2- For Lowcountry Lifestyle – Hilton Head Island, Savannah

Hilton Head Island Passport-Free Honeymoon Destinations

Hilton Head Island is a beautiful honeymoon and wedding destination. This island is located under an hour from the city of Savannah. It is a comfortable flight, with resorts and you won’t want to go any further. The beachfront opportunity sits directly on sparkling sand surrounded by Hilton Head’s Palmetto trees. Enjoy a top-notch spa, southern charm, and world-class golf.

3- For Wine Lovers – Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Passport-Free Honeymoon Destinations

Sedona is a romantic place without any luxury add-ons. Enjoy luxurious views of the Red Rocks from your private cottage at L’Auberge de Sedona and take in nature’s likely marvels. It allows their visitors to take part in peaceful or adventure retreats. Enjoy the rich wine culture of Sedona through the Verde Valley Wine Trail and a romantic candlelit dinner over Oak Creek.

4- For Western Adventurers – Saratoga, Wyoming

Saratoga Passport-Free Honeymoon Destinations

For those couples who are searching beach honeymoon destination for exploration, America’s Western Front in the perfect place. Luxury smallholdings give guests the adrenaline-pumping escapade combined with supreme lessening, romance, dining. Try horseback riding, fly-fishing, or striking the trail on the cottage’s 30,000-acre stuff. You can visit the Trailhead Spa Lodge for a luxury massage underneath the Sierra Madre Mountains.

5- For Hawaiian Honeymoon – Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai Passport-Free Honeymoon Destinations

Hawaii is the unique honeymoon destination in the US. The gorgeous backdrop of Hawaii and remote islands are unlike whatsoever in the lower 48 states. The classic Hawaiian wedding honeymoon destination wouldn’t be wide-ranging without a luxurious, beachfront resort complement. You can enjoy a horseback ride on the beach, find secret waterfalls, hike preserves, and eat with your toes in the sand. This is the distance you want to come back and celebrate every anniversary here.

6- For Southern California Vibes – Big Sur, California

Big Sur Passport-Free Honeymoon Destinations

Like many of California’s seashores and cliffs bossing crashing waves are an essential. But dissimilar the rest of California, Big Sur is an embryonic wonderland where the shapes between land and water haze into the distance. Each separate structure will give you a new outlook on the Pacific Ocean beside you.

7- For Northern Explorers – Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Kenai Peninsula Passport-Free Honeymoon Destinations

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Don’t ignore Alaska as one of the crucial honeymoon destinations. This is one of the most extreme locations you can go to get away from it all. It is not for the feeble of heart, but the splendor of the North will floor you. If you are true lovers then travel to depths of the wasteland is a must, but with a clearance of all the far-fetched scenery. Alaska is also one of the best places in the world that everybody wants to visit them.

8- For Disconnected Paradise – Little Torch Key, Florida

Little Torch Key Passport-Free Honeymoon Destinations

Mostly, people avoid going for the honeymoon at crowded areas, parks, and crowded beaches too. That’s why try to check out the Florida Keys, a strings islands off Florida’s coast between the Gulf of Mexico. The Little Palm Island Resort & Spa is the property located on its own individual island there are no TVs, no alarm clocks, no distractions, and no electronics.

9- For Southern City Slickers – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans Passport-Free Honeymoon Destinations

It is not compulsory; honeymoon place is near to beach or water. Sometimes, newlywed couples just want to discover a new culture or way of life. New Orleans is the ideal location for this. The Cajun and Creole fusion set in Southern Louisiana is as different from the rest of the country.

10- For Historic New Englanders – Newport, Rhode Island

Newport Passport-Free Honeymoon Destinations

Those couples want to revel in the stylishness that New England offers Newport should be your number one selection. The seaside scene makes it an ideal decision for a light outing over the harbor to see soaring yachts. When you see the stunning architecture, enter your own slice of New England charm. This honeymoon destination is soaked in history but made for new early stages.

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