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10 Lobcuts are the must-have Hairstyle of Cannes Film Festival

10 Lobcuts are the must-have Hairstyle of Cannes Film Festival

Hairstyles For Women

The lobcut hairstyle is famous all over the Hollywood film industry. Almost all actresses, singers, and Lorde are saying goodbye their long hair in courtesy of stylish and short haircut. But hairstyles for women have occupied on a life of its own at the Cannes Film Festival, with the red carpet controlled by long bob.

If we talk about hairstyle trends, we have been happy to see go different styles. But lobcut styles have stuck around for more than its 15 minutes of fame. A cute lob cut with bangs is the perfect way to approach medium short hair without losing too much hair length. It is the remarkably low maintenance haircuts.

10 Lobcuts are the must-have Hairstyle of Cannes Film Festival

1- The Retro Wave

Retro Wave Hairstyles For Women

The super and most famous model Bella Hadid appear first time at Met Gala with her new lobcut hairstyle this year. But going for loose and messy waves to channel old Hollywood glamor in her pink Alexandre Vauthier dress on the opening night of the Cannes Film Festival, she looked gorgeous.

2- The Side Swept Style

Side Swept Style Hairstyles For Women

House of Cards star Robin Wright chose for a side-flounced take on the lobcut with different hair cut which gave her a pleasing feminine appearance.

3- The Effortless Lob

Effortless Lob Hairstyles For Women

Marian Cotillard looked with an effortless and carefree lobcut hairstyle. It is pushing off her expression and giving it a slicked back surface.

4- The Power Chop

Power Chop Hairstyles For Women

With a new look of the lobcut model, Hailey Baldwin attends the Cannes Film Festival. Its hairstyle is just a few strokes of a flat iron. She is taking her cut to the new stature and resulting in a shiny, eye-catching hairstyle.

5- The Blunt Cut

Blunt Cut Hairstyles For Women

Actress Uma Thurman’s glossy blunt cut is a refreshing take on the lobcut that contributes her polished and up-to-date expression that suits women of all ages.

6- Natural Waves Cut

Natural Wave Hairstyles For Women

Emma Stone’s appeared in Cannes Film Festival with natural wave lobcut hairs cut. She looked beautiful with the new style.

7- Tousled Long Lob

Medium Length Hairstyles for 2015

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Without problem and bangs, if one-length looks are your thing then this cut is the perfect way to infuse movement. French actress Alice Taglioni comes to 2017 Cannes Film Festival with this haircut.

8- One Length Blunt Cut

6 Ways Make bob Hairstyle

Along one-length do is habitually the invention of avoiding any haircut or trim. Reyman notes. But it is still one of the most important ways to wear long hair. Therefore, you need roughly that will be just as eye-catching to allow you to endure wearing your hair as you fitment.

9- A Sharp Blunt Bob

This is enough for those ladies who have a few face enclosing layers in their mostly one-length cut. This cut can be surprising for anyone, the span of this cut will frame your expression even better than your strata do and give you the full, one-length look you like.

10- A Chin-Length Cut

Beautiful Hairstyle

For many ladies not all, having long, Victoria’s Secret-stimulated waves is all about sensitivity sexy, and a raised cut that hits the chain will transport that same feeling with even more size.  Kelly Rowland is leading at switching up her small, chain-length hair. They are all fortunate, but this simple, shiny cinch with a center part is one of our darlings.

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