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10 foods to cleanse and detox your liver

10 foods to cleanse and detox your liver

Foods to Cleanse and Detox your Liver

Our liver is the most important part of our body as it releases a toxin, chemical, dirt, and pollution of our body. Well, I will tell you an interesting fact that if you want to maintain your blood sugar level, then you should also pay attention on your liver. You should improve the function of the liver. Our liver detox naturally but nowadays we are living in an environment that is full of chemical, dirt, pollution and toxin also your lifestyle is unhealthy. Due to all these reasons, our liver affects badly and cannot clean our body properly.  If you improve the function of liver, that means you can

  • Lose you are weigh
  • Release toxic and chemical from your body
  • Maintain your blood sugar liver

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Which Type of Food are Harmful to our Body

When we talk about that which type of food can be detrimental to our body. Animal base food, fat, white sugar, caffeine, junk food and alcohol are appalling for your liver. Many people use these bad diet in their life, and they are suffering many health problems like diabetes, too much weight, etc.

Many foods can clean and improve the function of the liver, but here I will discuss the top 10 food that can clean your liver and improve its function.


Beet Roots Detox

A beautiful, radish and purple beet looks beautiful and attractive. Beet is the rich source of antioxidant, fiber, iron, betaine, betacyanin, and betanin. Beet is also full of Pectin, pectin is the form of fiber that will clean your liver, and you will feel fuller. Well, short we can say that all vitamin and minerals are good for you if you include beets in your diets. You can use it in the form of the smoothie, salad, and juice.

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Sweet Potato

Bucket Potatos

Sweet potato is a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and fiber. Sweet potato is also a good source of beta-carotene that works as natural anti-inflammatory for your body. If you use sweet potato in your daily routine as salad and salad, then it will clean your liver naturally also improve the function of the liver.


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Lemon is a very friendly with your liver. Lemon is a rich source of antioxidant, and vitamin C. If you add more fruit to your diet then it means your body is producing more enzyme and if you are producing more enzymes. More enzymes mean your body is producing more energy.  Lemon also release, toxin, chemical, and pollution, and improve the function of your liver and stomach naturally.

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Broccoli Detox

Broccoli is the rich source of fiber, fat-soluble vitamin E that is antioxidant for your liver. The fiber in broccoli will clean your liver naturally in a good way. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower are the same families, and all are a rich source of fiber that can clean and detox your liver naturally.


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Your liver also needs a little amount of plant base protein and lentils provide us a healthy plant base protein. It is also full of fiber that cleans your body.

Plant Base Fat

Dried Fruits and Nuts

Your liver also needs some healthy and plant base fat to work properly. Avocados, almonds, pumpkin seeds, flax seed, walnuts, chia seeds, coconut, olive oil are the natural source that provides your liver a healthy fat. Walnut and avocados are the best for your liver.

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See Also

Apple is the rich source of antioxidant, pectin, and malic acid. Pectin that is the soluble fiber is that remove extra toxin and remove cholesterol from your body. The malic acid eliminates the virus from your blood. Well, all types of apples are right for you. We can also say that Apple is also superb to control your diabetes.

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Onion and Garlic

Onion is the rich source of allicin, fiber, phytonutrients, potassium and flavonoids. These healthy organs will clean your liver all release all type of chemical from your body.


Garlic is full of allicin and selenium; both are excellent for your liver. Bothe cleanse and nourish your body and blood also boost up your immune system. The main part is that the garlic also activates an enzyme in your liver and clean your liver. The use of garlic also lightens a load of a liver in a good way. You should use whole garlic instead of chop or powder. Well, it is best that if you use a garlic clove after every meal.

Green Vegetables

Eat Vegetables for Best Diet

Green vegetables are superb, especially for your liver. Spanish, kale, arugula, chard and other green vegetables are full of fiber and potassium, which clean your liver and blood also give proper nourishment that your body and liver require.

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In the end, I just want to say that organic, natural and fresh food are an excellent option for us all the time. If we improve the function of the liver, then we can also maintain our type 2 diabetes properly.

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