10 Energy Boosting Yoga Poses

Engergy Boostng Yoga

Energy boosting yoga poses

yoga is the best exercise than all other exercise movements. You can shape and tone your any body part what you want if that is unshaped and lose. These yoga poses gives you strength and energy you feel much active for example, if you are feeling low and dull. Start yoga it will make you active. Here we will tell you some effective and energy boosting yoga poses for increasing your energy level. You will very energetic after doing these yoga exercises and your mood will be uplifted and fresh.

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Padahastasana (Standing Forward Bend)


This yoga pose effects on the root chakra ,Muladhara,”had said Ian Marshall a Mexico-based yoga learner who teach the practice of yoga through travelling in different countries as India, Nepal and South East Asia. This grounding pose provides the tell uric earth energy through the body, as because of a strong earth pose.It also provide the root giving energy to your whole body as connection with the energetic energy of the earth.

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Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge)

“Anjaneyasana pose is very charming and effective that widely open your chest, shoulders and hips while, it provides strong energy to your quadriceps  muscles.Meredith Calderas says,who is a yoga learner at the Tahoe Flow Arts Studio in Tahoe Vista, Calif. “This pose develops your balance and attention power and improves stamina in your thighs.Though it is very good energy pose.

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Talasana (Palm Tree Pose)

Standing straight with feet hip span apart, raising the arms high above your head and reaching up to the sky, this posture makes an antenna of your hands and draws in extraterrestrial power. Marshall describes clearly, you should feel the power and energy movement through your hands and your upper body, at last becoming thrilled with the energy of the whole word,this effective pose make you completely energetic.

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Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

Very energetic and effective chair posture is an isometric clasp of a vertical pose. Jillian Guinta clearly describes, who is a personal yoga learner and psychiatrist and lifestyle coach. “The heat creating by wide muscle groups in the body is making this posture very effective in increasing your power and energy. As  the blood movement to these utmost muscle groups. Your pulse will improved and raise your endorphin levels.As a result of you will feel very energetic and power full.

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Naturajasana (Dancer Pose)

Focus your gaze, at the point of focus, while in this posture,Calderas describes clearly. “Use your breath as you jolt your foot into your hand and feel your back curved. Frequently draw your hips into the mid line and  largely stretch. Your toes will top over your head. Here you have to just focus and inhale and exhale, feel the energy and power which is increasing in you.”

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Ushtrasana (Camel Pose)

Effective as dynamic energy of the fire segment of the Manipura chakra. The camel posture has very strong and powerful dynamic effect.Marshall describes. “The attempt which is desired to clasp the pose means that the yogi is awakened and the running of blood to the head and through your all body supplies very powerful and strong energy raises.And you feel very energetic,bouncy,bubbly and lively active.

Chakrasana (Wheel pose)

One more demanding and exciting posture,as the wheel like, the yogi is pushing his all upper body up in the air and will energizing all the chakras in this area.Marshall explained that as you stay in this posture, energy and power will move through your all body and when you do this you’ll find your heart pounding and a strong sense of bubbly energy and strength.Though this wheel like pose is very exciting and energy boosting through out in all your body.

Uttana Shishosana (Puppy Pose)

 Uttana Shishosana
“This effective and energetic spinal hyper extension pose uplifts and inspires flow of nutrients to your brain. Guinta has explained,means effective is that if you’re not stimulate yet, you can hang out in the posture without much attempt.This pose is very energy booster for your body.

Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II)

Guinta had explained the warrior postures are popular because these are very energetic and enthusiastic. This posture widen the chest through outstretched arms while the practitioner shoves the limits of comfort to energizing the front-facing leg and open the hip of the rear-facing leg.

Sirsasana (Headstand)

Calderas describes that by reversing your all body your blood flow increases and improves  your brain ability.Which can help to developing your focus and energy power. And by focusing inward during this pose, depression and tension is reduced. She explained more, people who are yoga biggeners should not practice this posture on their own self. Calderaes suggests, that we should take much care and caution when practicing the headstand posture. “put it in your mind clearly that you should be ware of neck and shoulder should powered up when attempting,” she said. “Never, I revise, never kick into a headstand. Be certain to push down into the ground with your forearms, improving energy and reducing pressure from your neck and head.

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