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10 Effective Acne Home Remedies and Facts You Should Know

10 Effective Acne Home Remedies and Facts You Should Know

10 Effective Acne Home Remedies

Understanding Acne

For years, women have been hiding and covering because of acne. It is a disorder that causes outbreaks of skin lesions, mostly on the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders, which is called pimples. Although it is not a serious health threat, acne is the most common skin disease in women that can lead to permanent scarring, when severe.

Over 50 million Americans are affected by acne, with approximately 85% of people between ages 12 and 24 experiencing at least minor acnes.

Factors that Trigger Acne

Many things cause acne in women:

Overactive oil glands. When girls reach puberty, they have an increase in male sex hormones called androgens, which cause the glands to get bigger and release more sebum.

Genetics. If many people in the family have acne, it is more likely you will have it, too.

Hormones. Changes in hormones, including pregnancy and menopause, can play a role in acne development among women. To others, these hormonal changes can improve acne but to other women, these can worsen acne instead.

Menstruation. One of the most common causes of acne is the woman’s menstrual cycle. Few days before the period begins, acnes tend to form. They go away after the completion of the cycle.

Emotional Stress. Although stress does not directly cause acne, the side effects of certain medicines that treat depression and stress can trigger acne development.

Medications. There are particular types of drugs that trigger acne, such as medicines for depression and epilepsy.

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Prevention and Treatment of Acne

Experts found that there is a link between diet and acne. High GI Index food; such as white grains, bread, rice, and pasta can cause acne. Gluten, chocolate and dairy products should be avoided, too. Instead, women should intake fish oil, green tea, and probiotics. Food may have a little effect on acne for many people; it is still important to eat healthily.

According to studies, the costs associated with acne treatment exceed 3 billion. And until now, there is yet no known way to prevent acne. But here’s the right news! Acne can be treated at the comforts of your home.

Learn more about the effective home remedies for acne through my infographic “10 Effective Acne Home Remedies and Facts You Should Know.” Here, I listed natural resources you can find at home and how you can use them to treat acne.


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