10-Day Test: Does Rice Flour Help Fade Acne Marks

10-Day Test: Does Rice Flour Help Fade Acne Marks

This article is special for those girls who have acne sports, and I am going to tell you my personal experienceLater than an irritated skin, I’ve to face some permanent red spots from past blemishes. Let’s see if this easy DIY makes a difference. My skin fundamentally appalled over the holidays. Perhaps it was my skin’s reply to the sudden weather transform. Perhaps it was because of some bad diets etc.

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My skin is gradually becoming improved now that my anxiety levels are subordinate, and I’m back in my surroundings, but I’m facing with some lingering red spots from past blemishes. We all know how bad these places look like.

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Then I decided to use white rice flour for removing these spots from my face it will effectively work well.

1. Rice Powder

Asian women are recognized for their attractive, good looks and soft, fair skin. It is because they use many homemade remedies for their beautiful glowing skin. They care their skin by using homemade remedies. One of these effective treatments is rice powder and rice water.Here you will come to know, does rice flour help fade acne marks.

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2. Funny Fact

Rice flour is very useful for skin beauty and care, particularly in Asia. It’s apparently a lightning and brighten element, and many companies and women are impressed by it. You’ll get it in both store-bought products and DIY beauty recipes. I determined to reduce my spots by only utilizing rice flour and water. I just mixed the two until I got a good, easy-to-apply paste.

Does Rice Flour Help Fade Acne Marks

I make this mixture every single day for ten days. I then applied it to my face and left it set for about 10 minutes. It dries quite rapidly and tightens the skin. It also feels ever-so-slightly thickly as it dries. I just applied with my fingers and exfoliated and massaged it into my skin as I did. After it had dried, I washed it off with lukewarm water and softly exfoliated as I did so.

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The rice flour, in fact, makes for a dazzling exfoliate, as it’s very thinly crushed and very mild. I for all time worry about micro skin tears when utilizing physical exfoliates, but wasn’t too worried about this.

3. The Results

Just advice to you continues these pictures are bumpy. I took them first thing in the morning with no any makeup (evidently) and without doing my hair. I’m also in my sweaters. Though very clear and natural.

Before Experiment

Does Rice Flour Help Fade Acne Marks

See Also

Day 1:

Here is day 1 of the trial before I make use of the rice flour. Ugh. And oh kindness, you can even observe that beneath my nose is red/dry due to having a cold!

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Does Rice Flour Help Fade Acne Marks

Day 5:

Here is the five day of trial you can observe clearly how my skin is.

Does Rice Flour Help Fade Acne Marks

Day 10:

And here is day 10, the last day of the trial. As you can observe, rather a bit cleared up. I also get some spots.

The conclusion I am not sure how strong the rice flour was in conditions of reducing my permanent red spots. We all recognize that how it worked, so it’s tough to say if time or rice flour is the hero here.  It helped me, particularly because of the exfoliating factors at play, here. I think it’s good trying if you’re facing mulish spots, as it’s gentle, natural, smells good and is comparatively low-cost. What have you originated from being the best products that reduce acne spots? Do you like my story give me feedback if something is missing tell me?

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