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10 Brilliant Ideas for Hair and Beauty Salon Blogs

10 Brilliant Ideas for Hair and Beauty Salon Blogs

One of the many advantages of every business is having a blog or a website. It’s an advantage that many businesses fail to utilize, and failing to do so means that they’re losing readership or even possible clients who rely on online information/reviews regarding the services and products being offered.

As mentioned before in our Social Media Marketing article, is that there’s a high percentage consumer who is influenced by online reviews. So, having an online site – your salon’s blog, can be a great factor in attracting new clients and maintaining your customer base.

What having hair and beauty salon blog can mean for your business is informing your customers that you can provide your expertise and impart with them your knowledge of the hair care and beauty niche. Many people look to the internet to search for hair care maintenance, and beauty tips and they are going to look to their stylists for advice, that’s for sure, so you want to be able to cater to that demand. Doing this can establish your salon business’ reputation, not just by word-of-mouth but also online.

With that said, starting your salon blog is one thing but maintaining and producing brilliant content to garner more readers attention is another. There are a lot of stuff you can do for your hair and beauty salon blogs. Here are some brilliant ideas for Hair and Beauty Salon blogs and get them started with creating content that customers would want to read:

1. Product Reviews

Beauty Products

Naturally, the advantage of having a website is that you can showcase your products along with their price and reviews. It gives your site visitors an idea of your competency as a salon business. Plus, if the information about the product is visible, this gives them the convenience of browsing through your site.

2. Services Spotlight

Anti-Aging ProductsShowcase your services and describe in detail the benefits of getting the service and how you do it. If you have comments made bu customer who availed of your services before, include them so your readers can know what to expect while this can also boost the rating of your salon’s performance.

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3. How-To(s) / Tutorials

A Girl Watching TV While Eating Popcorn

DIYs are becoming a trend nowadays, so why not work on this idea? Why not share them a sample of your tricks in hair styling. A little bit of knowledge can peak a customer’s interest, and one thing you may have observed in people is that they are naturally curious about trying out new things.

4. Special Events / Workshops

New Hair 2015: See Celebrity Hair Makeovers

If your salon is partaking in any events or show, you should publicize them. Let your customers know where you’re going to be and what your salon is up to, or the activities you have in store. These are marketing opportunities you definitely shouldn’t pass up.

5. Behind the Scenes

Applying Banana On Hair

A behind the scenes look in your salon add a sense of transparency with your clients. It helps with establishing brand identity by staying true with your clients.

6. Seasonal Deals

oriental beauty

Customers also watch out for your salon deals. As a salon owner, you best be sure to keep them updated on the seasonal deals your salon will be having.

7. Seasonal Styles

7 Tips for Growing Out Your Hair

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One thing you can expect is that readers love features on the latest style and trends. If your salon Is always up to date on what’s trending, be it a hair color, hair style, and up-dos, then you won’t encounter any difficulties in attracting customers. The more expertise you display about your niche, chances are, potential clients will make their way to you.

8. Item Must-Haves

Massage your scalp

May it be your salon’s products or another item that will satisfy you, customers, hair styling needs, feature these articles and write it in your blog creatively.

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9. Salon Updates

Home office

Putting updates regarding your whole salon relating to a new branch opening or a major revamp of the look of the salon itself, it gives your client an awareness that you are also developing and improving with time.

10. Testimonials

If bloggers are featuring your products or services on their personal site, or even a publication who wrote about your salon, you should also put it on your website as these add major points to your salon’s reputation.

Blogging doesn’t have to be necessarily in essay form; it can be short but concise with a hint of creativity and humor added to it to make it more personal, which readers surely love.

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