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10 Best Trending Hair Colors in summer 2017

10 Best Trending Hair Colors in summer 2017

Best Trending Hair Colors in summer 2017

The winter is finally ending and what better way to change up your appearance for summer with trending hair colors in new style. The celebrity colorist Marie Robinson says that this summer, this is natural hair color and styles season. She says:

“For so long, women have been OK with having hair styles that were obviously colored. Now the trend is leaning toward natural colors, so the hair doesn’t look altered, but just shiny hair similar to what they were born with.”

Like season change, you also make the plan to go for subtle hair colors and styles. Are you wanted to enhance your look with any hair color shades? If yes- then don’t leave your hair to luck. Here we have to round up a list of 10 best trending hair colors in summer 2017 by professionals.

Some of you may contemplate that it is just hair but spoiled looks have never appeared sexy or beautiful. Due to this, we recommend you to find first expert hair colorists in your area and put your hair in the hands of them.

10 best trending hair colors in summer 2017

1. Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown Hair Color Trend

However stove temps may stand-in you to ease up, colorist Marie Robinson explains this color as:

“I think this hair color will be big because it doesn’t compete with spring’s bright colors and bold prints fashion trends, plus deep hair color shades look so beautiful against all skin tones.”

2. Bronde Hair Color Shade

jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a celebrity that has ageless beauty, but her color is extremely new and fresh. A cross between blonde and brown, her honey-infused hair color shade is awesome. Bronde is a hair color trend will never die. It is a color that sparkles blonde in the light and goes chocolate in shadow. Ashley Ferrett says:

“It is warm and has depth and dimension with subtle highlights.”

3. Warm Chestnut

Beautiful girl with style

When we are talking about the trending hair colors of a Pantene model, you must know that it is a shock with somber shine. What makes Priyanka Chopra and other Hollywood celebrities more beautiful? Her hair is so special, but, her chestnut shade tactically lightened around her face to highlight her sorts and enhances up her entire look.

4. Copper Strawberry

Copper strawberry hair color trend works nicely with pale skin tones that have a little bit pinkness because the copper doesn’t sort your skin look healthier. It is just ample yellow in it that it still takes to up your skin tone. Robinson says:

“My redheaded clients like to keep their hue intense with some brightness to it – Amy Adams’s copper strawberry shade does that but in a natural way.”

5. Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up Trending Hair Colors

For perma-blondes, it is time to reflect amplifying down on the bleach. Cunningham says:

“Blondes are always popular for spring too, and I love adding highlights to frame the face and give a brighter look.”

Celebrity colorist Sharon Dorram Adds more expiation about the Sunny Side Up color shade:

“Start with a golden blonde base, whether it’s natural or from a single process color, and then ask your colorist for golden blond and baby blond highlights and to go slightly lighter on the ends.”

6. Honey Hair Color Hue


Honey hair shade is not quite blonde and not quite brown. This is a classical neutral color suit, everyone. Greg Ruggeri says:

“Starting from a warmer brunette at the roots, the speckling of color gradually makes its way to the very tips.”

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Honey hair color can have many different variations but the softest tone is honey blonde for this summer.

7. Vibrant Auburn

Vibrant Auburn Trending Hair Colors

Robinson says:

“I get inspired by women with deep auburn hair, like Julianne Moore and Emma Stone, because it has so much richness to it while still being a real red.”

But this color requires more concentration and maintenance than other reds because it is a shade this sunny will fade fast and can fit more yellow than auburn. With this color, you’ll have to achieve a fresh gloss every rare week to retain it truly bright.

8. Grey Redux

Grey Redux Trending Hair Colors

It is a totally fresh hair color hue that mostly celebrities love this shade like Evan Rachel Wood, who is dumping their signature colors for impartial shade. It is not the color shade that you expect from your grandmother, but Evan Rachel is a gradient hue that fades from black to gray.

9. Overgrown Roots

Overgrown Roots Trending Hair Colors

Overgrown with flowing wave roots hair color and style makes you fresh like Jennifer Lawrence, who suddenly looks fresh, expressly when they diminish as gently as Lawrence’s do.

10. Ash Brown


Ash Brown is a great selection if you want to try, but not commit to the gray craze. Ideal for cool skin tones with pink undertones – Ash Brown hair hue has bits of blue and gray that stretch the color it’s ashen, nearly-gray base.

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